Meagan Good Shocks Fans In New Photos Where She Appears Much Lighter — Did The Actress Bleach Her Skin?

As progressive as the industry is trying to seem, there are still many people of authority that refuse to hire public figures of different races, colors, religions, and sexualities. The pressure could force some people to make drastic changes — one of the latest celebrities that have been accused of bleaching there skin is Meagan Good.

The actress made an appearance at the screening of the new movie Black and Blue. The color of her skin was noticeably lighter and most fans didn’t believe that it was makeup or lighting.

The Instagram blog Empressive TV shared the photo asking followers for their thoughts.

One commentator said: ‘Ppl feel like they need to lighten their skin just because the industry praises light skin women better than they do darkskin women smh why can’t we just love our self with the skin we’re in.’

Another chimed in: ‘I went on her IG you can see she is considerably lighter…🤔 filters??’

‘She was at an event in my city looking quite pale a month ago soooo i dont know what’s going on but it’s not the lights,’ a follower informed.

This person gave her the benefit of the doubt when they said: ‘clearly see that it’s the lighting we all know that bad lighting can sometimes make us look like something that we are not so stop trashing her it’s just bad lighting or bad make up we all have those days even celebrities.’

Good recently defended herself against criticism from a follower who pointed out that she lost weight. Meagan and her husband are very into fitness.

‘No, just got back to my original weight by choosing a healthier lifestyle. Blessings,’ the actress wrote.


Do you think this is a case of bad lighting or bad makeup? Or do you think she permanently lightened her skin?

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