Your Apple Watch has a cool hidden feature and here’s how to use it

Did you know you can turn GIFs into Apple Watch wallpapers? Well, you do now.

Doing so means when you flick your wrist to get a glance at the time, you’ll be greeted with a smooth animation, not just a static watch face.

To turn a GIF into an Apple Watch background, you firstly need to find a GIF that takes your fancy and doesn’t have an animation that’s too long.

Then, you need to convert that GIF into a Live Photo. This can be done using a number of programmes on the App Store, like Giphy.

Giphy in particular has a built-in option that allows you to turn GIFs into Live Photos, handy right?

Once you’ve done this, you should save it to your Photos app.

You’ll then have to load up your Live Photo in the Photos app and press “edit”, which is located at the top right-hand corner of the display.

You should then make sure the last frame of the Live Photo is your “key photo”.

Next, you’ll have to head to the Watch app and create a new watch face based on the Live Photo in question. Go to the Face Gallery tab and find your photos. Under the banner that reads “content”, make sure you have the toggle “photos” selected.

You should then ensure you’ve picked your newly created live photo and make sure it’s enabled. And you’re done!

Picking up your Apple Watch should then display the converted GIF, jazzing up your watch face.

As noted by The Verge, if the animation isn’t working properly then it’s likely too long.

That means you should trim the Live Photo down or choose another GIF to convert entirely.

And there you have it! A great Apple Watch feature you probably didn’t know existed.