Steam sale: When is the Steam Halloween sale? Release date, start time, games

Steam Halloween sale release date and start time looks to be fast approaching. It’s almost time for the latest Steam sale, with Valve set to slash the prices of top PC games on their major digital distribution platform. Valve never announces in advance when they’re holding their next Steam sale, but it looks like the release date for the Steam Halloween sale has leaked.

According to the Steam Database Twitter account the dates for the next THREE Steam sales have been leaked.

And the Steam Halloween sale looks to be starting on October 28 and running all the way through till November 1.

Steam sales typically start at 6pm UK time, so that’s when the Steam Halloween sale is likely to begin.

While the Steam Database has put the Halloween sale as beginning on October 28, has a slightly different start date.

At the time of writing they have the Steam Halloween sale as beginning on Tuesday October 29.

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“Halloween Sale: October 28 – November 1. Autumn Sale: November 26 – December 3. Winter Sale: December 19 – January 2.

“Multiple developers posted it in multiple places despite Valve asking otherwise.

“But you know how that goes.”

The Steam Database Twitter account said the Steam Halloween sale dates were leaked by “multiple developers”.

While came to the conclusion that the Steam Halloween sale was starting on October 29 by slightly different means.

They explained: “Valve never announces Steam sale dates up front, but Steam sales return every year in a relatively stable frequency.

“Based on data from the last few years, the upcoming sale dates are predicted.

“These predictions are a combination of the following factors: Dates and months in which a sales started.

“Which day of the week a sale usually starts. How long a sale usually lasts.

“What dates/events a sale generally hitsTimes are based on the East Pacific time zone.

“Furthermore the dates are updated every now and then when there is more information in recent news.

“As you can see there are multiple sources to find out when a sale will most likely start.”

They added: “This is a fan-based site which will try its best to help you prepare for the upcoming Steam sales.

“Please keep in mind that Valve and Steam are not involved in the creation of this countdown timer.

“In the end the dates provided by this site are basically a guess, even though it’s an educated one.

“This means that it’s more likely that a sale will start at a different time than the timer says, or maybe even not start at all.”

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