Elon Musk heartache: SpaceX founder shares touching video of son performing for Seniors

The Tesla boss tweeted on Sunday, “Took my son to play piano for the seniors home in Pasadena. It was lovely to see them smile.” Mr Musk was then asked if he would like to share the video of his son’s piano performance for the senior citizens.

To the excitement of his Twitter followers, the billionaire space entrepreneur obliged.

In reaction to the video, one Twitter follower tweeting under the tag, @opengreenseas, said: “Beautiful!

“Visiting the Senior population is such a Noble act.

“I was raised by my Grandparents and always have viewed Seniors as such amazing people.

Starship, a shiny steel rocketship designed to ferry dozens of humans to the moon and Mars, is the top half of Musk’s colossal interplanetary rocket system that stands 387 feet tall (118 meters) as the latest addition to SpaceX’s lineup of reusable launch vehicles.

Musk named Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa as Starship’s first private passenger in 2018.

The Boca Chica village, a few miles north of the Mexican border, is ground zero for SpaceX’s three-year experimental test program for Starship, whose rocket engine tests have rattled the nerves of residents living in a remote hamlet of roughly two dozen homes a mile away.

“I think the actual danger to the Boca Chica village is low but it’s not tiny,” Musk said during a question and answer session. “So probably over time it’d be better to buy out the villages, and we’ve made an offer to that effect.”

Some residents have rejected SpaceX’s non-negotiable offer to buyout their homes for three times the market value.

A three-legged prototype of the rocket named Starhopper has test launched in the village twice since July, most recently flying as high as 500 feet (152 meters) and landing on an adjacent slab of concrete to trial Musk’s next generation rocket engine dubbed Raptor.

Musk’s mission to the moon aligns with NASA’s goal of sending humans there by 2024 under its Artemis program, an accelerated deep-space initiative spurred by the Trump administration in March that aims to work with a handful of US space companies in building a long-term presence on the lunar surface before eventually colonising Mars.

The space agency has tapped SpaceX to figure out how to land vehicles on the lunar surface and help develop a system for refuelling rockets, like Starship, in space, an “important technology to aid sustained exploration efforts on the Moon and Mars,” NASA said.

NASA has awarded SpaceX and Boeing billions to build competing rocket and capsule systems to launch astronauts into orbit from American soil for the first time since 2011.

source: express.co.uk