Ant Anstead Gushes Over Family Life With Wife Christina And Kids

Ant Anstead is gushing over family life with wife, Christina, and kids.

The car specialist got candid about his life while talking to People magazine about his new show, Ant Anstead Master Mechanic. Christina and Ant have been married for less than a year, but it has been quite a ride.

They welcomed their first child, son Hudson, almost two months ago adding the final touch to their blended family. Ant shared with the magazine that he and his reality TV star wife have a weird synergy.

“I think it’s really weird how we have so much in common. The great thing about being married to somebody like Christina is that we both are on the same page,” Ant says. “We’re both energetic, we’re both busy, we’re both 100 miles an hour. And we both believe that you have to put time aside for each other. There’s a synchronicity there that works,” the 40-year-old shared with the weekly magazine.

It is not only a deep love the couple has in common. They are both on TV shows where they buy something, fix it up and sell it. Her show deals with houses, while his show is all about cars. Their TV show is only one small piece of their synergy.

“She’s writing a book with Harper Collins; I’m writing a book with Harper Collins. She’s just done her solo show, I’ve just done my solo show; we both started in TV at roughly the same time. There’s a very weird synergy between us,” the British star shared.

Ant and Christina’s kids also have an interesting synergy. Both have a son and daughter from their previous marriages. The girls are the oldest children in the bunch and were born seven days apart. Their two sons were also born seven days apart.

When they are not working or tending to a new baby, Ant and Christina Anstead love spending time together.

“We make sure that outside of work we absolutely spend as much time as possible together. We eat together, we talk an awful lot. When you just love someone’s company it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. We don’t have to fill the gaps. I’m just happy being with her,” the happy husband revealed.


Less than a year after becoming husband and wife, Christina and Ant are still in newlywed mode. They have created a beautiful life with their five children, and he says each day gets better and better.

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