James Bond No Time To Die: New Daniel Craig still reveals RETURN of major location?

Many James Bond fans are hardcore and know the franchise inside out. But a few eagle-eyed watchers spotted the background in No Time To Die’s new poster seems remarkably similar to another one from a previous movie. The new image, shared by Empire Online, features a brooding, flushed and bloody Craig laden-down with his gun holster and seemingly rushing into danger. In the background, a number of circular objects line the wall and appear almost like gigantic film reels.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was released in 1969 and starred the original actor George Lazenby alongside icon Diana Rigg as Tracy Di Vicenzo.

And the commenters were convinced the new poster features the very same wheelhouse from this movie.

Sharing their thoughts on Twitter, one fan wrote: “Looks similar to the OHMSS cable car wheelhouse.”

“My first thought exactly,” another person agreed.

A third noted: “The more I watch OHMSS the more I like it. I would love to see some similar plot elements.”

While a fourth later echoed: “Looks like the wheel house in OHMSS.”

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“By looking at the background… maybe a mine or something like that?” a fifth guessed.

Others continued their speculation about the new image with one fan saying: “I wish they’d give up some pictures info on the villains!!!”

“Bond is either under cover at this point of was forced to take a manual labor job when he retired as 007,” another surmised.

One fan simply commented: “Same as every bond image.”

“Kudos to Daniel Craig he looks good,” another added. “But I really miss the classy James with the suit. My first was ‘To live and let die’ I was six. Aah, memories.”

Unusually, Bond isn’t wearing his typical suit and tie get-up in the new still.

Instead, he appears to have slung on a casual white cotton top, but his braces remain firmly in place.

Could the intelligent services’ agent have been disturbed at home and forced to go on the run?

The iconic character certainly appears to have been roughed up by the time this still was taken, but who is he looking towards and afraid of?

James Bond No Time to Die is released in April, 2020.

source: express.co.uk