Tamzin Outhwaite: EastEnders’ Mel Owen talks being a ‘naughty wife’ to boyfriend, 28

EastEnders actress Tamzin Outhwaite, 48, has been dating Tom Child, 28, since 2017, three years after her split from ex-husband Tom Ellis, 40.

Tom recently moved into Tamzin’s home, which she shares with her two daughters Florence, 11, and seven-year-old Marnie.

Earlier this month, Tamzin told her Twitter fans she enjoyed being referred to as “naughty” and a “wife” by her beau on a date night.

In view of her 216,000 Twitter followers, she wrote: “I just heard my lover say to a waiter, ‘sorry my wife is being naughty’.

“Because I was laughing loudly & instead of feeling ashamed I felt very proud. To be naughty AND his wife!”

Tamzin and Tom are yet to the tie the knot, but the actress previously said she would be open to the idea, despite her last marriage not ending “perfectly”.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Tamzin Outhwaite broke her silence about the pair’s age gap.

The actress told the publication people used to make jokes about their age gap, but insisted it’s never bothered them.

She spilled: “The age gap bothers other people but not us!

“I did initially question whether a 20-year age difference would work but we couldn’t stay away from each other.

“At first we heard lots of jokes about our ages but now people see how happy we are, all that has stopped.

“Also I’m very much the kid in our relationship.”

The EastEnders star went on to say Tom had fitted in well with her family.

“He knows the girls are the loves of my life and he’d never try to compete with that,” she added.

“It’s obviously a big deal to introduce a new partner into your children’s lives but Tom’s fitted in perfectly.”

This week, Tamzin has been giving her social media fans an insight into the couple’s holiday in Abu Dhabi.

She shared a cosy snap of the pair enjoying time together on a beach, with the caption: “Getting time alone with this one @tc_childie away from London life has been so needed and, although I miss my girls it’s such a joy to just be together alone.”

Many of her fans flocked to her page to comment, with one writing: “Got to do it sometimes darling.

“You need time for you, otherwise you go nuts! Have the best time. Hope to see you soon.”

A second commented: “So beautiful, hope you’re having the best time x.”

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One.

source: express.co.uk