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Fortnite lighthouse

Look for the lighthouse in the week 2 challenges. 

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Fortnite Chapter 2 may be a reboot of the game, but the challenges are the same as season 10. A set of tasks is available to players each week, giving them experience points when completed. Points acquired increase a player’s tier level, which unlocks more content, especially if they have a season Battle Pass. 

Challenges are added every Thursday during the season, but due to the new season starting Tuesday, there’s already a set of missions for players to complete. 

Forged in Slurp challenges

Fortnite Forged in Slurp Challenges

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 week 2 challenges

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Search 7 Chests at Slurpy Swamp or Retail Row

Of the two locations, Retail Row will likely be less packed this week. Slurpy Swamp is a popular drop spot for players since its swampy waters filled with Slurp give players a shield boost for simply wading in it. 

Eliminate opponents with a weapon of each rarity

There are five item rarities in Fortnite and each has a designated color: common (gray), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (Purple) and legendary (gold). The obviously toughest part of this challenge is obtaining a Legendary weapon. But once a player does, it’ll be an easy elimination when used as they’re the most powerful weapons in the game. 

Upgrade an item at a Weapon Upgrade Bench three times

Weapon Upgrade Benches are new in Fortnite Chapter 2. Similar to vending machines when they were added to the game, the benches require a certain number of materials to upgrade a weapon. If a player has the appropriate number of materials, it’ll improve whichever weapon by one level of rarity. So a green weapon will be upgraded to a blue, a blue to a purple and so on. Players can find Weapon Upgrade Benches across the island, and at least one in every named location. 

Dance at Compact Cars, Lockie’s Lighthouse and a weather station

See the map below on where to find these spots and dance to complete the challenge.


Where to find Compact Cars, Lockie’s Lighthouse and a weather station.

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Deal 500 damage with common weapons

Common, or gray, weapons are the worst in the game, but they’re easy to find. Keep one on hand, ideally an assault rifle, to rack up the damage against other players early in a match. 

Mark an uncommon, rare and epic Item 

Marking an item was added not so long ago. This lets players notify their teammates where on the map something is located. This challenge will require players to take an extra second before picking up a weapon to mark it for their teammates. Check the control layout on the platform you’re playing on to see which button will execute the action. 

Eliminate 3 opponents at EGO outposts or Retail Row 

EGO outposts are military-like locations scattered across the island. There are several on the map, but for this challenge, the best bet is to just head to Retail Row to get the eliminations. 

Search ammo boxes at landmarks 

Landmarks are another new addition to the island in Fortnite Chapter 2. They’re special locations such as the previously mentioned EGO outposts, Lockie’ Lighthouse and weather station. Some landmarks don’t have ammo boxes while others do. The best bet are the outposts and other buildings. One Reddit user posted a map of all the landmarks, of which there are dozens. 

Search 3 supply drops in different matches 

Supply drops are weapon caches that begin falling from the sky after the first storm phase. They’ll drop across the island and will have a colored flare indicating where they’ll land. Supply drops become easier to get later in the match when there are fewer players and the spots where they can drop are reduced.  

Deal 250 damage with legendary weapons 

As previously mentioned, legendary weapons are gold in color and are the most powerful items in the game. They’re also hard to find. Supply drops are the best bet to obtain one, and once you do, dealing 250 damage will be fairly simple. 

Search hidden letter ‘R’ found in the Forged in Slurp loading screen

An ongoing list of challenges is to find certain letters on the island based on an unlocked loading screen. The third screen, Forged in Slurp, unlocks after completing all the previous challenges. 

Forged in Slurp

Forged in Slurp loading screen

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For week 2, the hidden “R” can be found behind the sewer grill spewing Slurp in Slurpy Swamp. It’s easy to find the pipe and behind it is a deck and below that will be the “R.” 

Week 1 Challenges

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