Writing in her memoirs, Michelle outlined how she told Melania to contact her if she ever needed any help. In that particular section of her book, ‘Becoming’, Michelle wrote the First Lady before her, Laura Bush, had told her she’s “a phone call away” should she need anything. She went on to write how she made sure to extend the same invitation to Melania.

The invitation came after Michelle hosted Melania at the White House during her first trip there.

In a interview last year, the former First Lady revealed Melania had still not taken her up on her offer.

Melania’s press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, claimed the First Lady turns to her own team for guidance.

In a statement to CNN, Ms Grisham said: “Mrs. Trump is a strong and independent woman who has been navigating her role as First Lady in her own way.

“When she needs advice on any issue, she seeks it from her professional team within the White House.”

Many critics of Melania took to social media to share their anger over the snub.

One Twitter user wrote: “Really? I think she could use some!”

Another said: “My advice would be to take advice from someone who’s had eight years of experience.”

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A Twitter user said: “So she’s not going to steal any more of Michelle’s speeches then?”

Rita Bartley said: “She’s probably stolen it already.”

However, many people defended Melania’s independence.

One Twitter user wrote: “Melania doesn’t need her advice, I’m sure she doesn’t want to deal with her.”

Another wrote: “She doesn’t need the advice, I’m sure if she wanted it she would ask.”

A Twitter user commented: “That is her opinion many people think otherwise.”

Kenneth Fanyo wrote on Twitter: “Was any offered?”

Another Twitter user said: “Thank god for our wonderful FLOTUS.

“If anything, Michelle Obama should be seeking advice from Melania.”

source: express.co.uk


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