Brexit Party MEP admits EU ‘impossible to change’ as only way to survive is closer bloc

The Brexit Party MEP said he had hoped he and his colleagues could help reform the European Parliament in the months before Brexit but was forced to admit defeat. Mr Bull claimed the “federal ambitions” the European Union has been chasing remain a key issue due to perceived attempts to increase centralised powers in Brussels. Speaking to, the Brexit Party MEP said: “When I first got here, I thought it might be possible to change the European Parliament from within.

“I thought it might be possible to do that. It is now abundantly clear, having been here for a few months, that is not possible. We will do our utmost to ensure Britain leaves the European Union.

“It is also very clear the European Union has federalist ambitions, it is clear they want to remove national Parliaments’ sovereignty.”

Mr Bull, one of the 29 Brexit Party MEPs elected at the May European elections, continued: “They want to essentially erode all national Governments.

“They want to have a central, federal government, and they want to have policy dictated from on the high.

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“That is also the only way the European Union could possibly survive.”

The Brexit Party MEP also claimed Brussels is “frightened” by the prospect of a successful Brexit due to the impact a prosperous Britain could have on other EU member states.

He added: “The concern for the European Union is that the reason they are so worried about Brexit is because we are obviously the fifth-largest economy in the world, we’re a huge example.

“If Britain leaves and we prosper, as I believe we will outside the European Union, what’s to say other countries will not look at the British success and think, ‘actually, we don’t want to be involved in this anymore either.’

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“It’s a system where, if you are good and if you behave, you are rewarded, if you don’t do as they say, you are punished.

“Well, this anything but democratic. It’s the doghouse system.”If you wiggle your tail, I fill your bowl but if you growl, I won’t feed you.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think we’ve survived several millennia to end up like this.”

A survey commissioned by the European Commission in June appeared to record an increase of scepticism in Italy since a previous poll of polls in 2018.

The Eurobarometer poll of 1,026 Italian voters found 41 percent of respondents do not really feel like European Union citizens while another 18 percent claimed life was “better before” joining the European Union.


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