Jordyn Woods’ fans have been asking her to do a Q&A video on her YouTube channel, and she finally did it. She revealed this surprise to her fans on social media, and people cannot be more excited.

‘Guys!! My q&a with Jodie is live! It was so much fun making this video with her. I forget how young she is because she acts so grown😂 go check out our video on my YouTube (link in bio) and let me know what you think 💞’ Jordyn captioned her post on IG.

She shared the video on her YouTube channel which she created just recently and there, she wrote this:

‘So…you have been requesting a Q&A with Jodie and me for the longest time, and it’s finally here! I have to say this was so much fun and I plan to film loads more with Jodie in the near future. Please stay tuned for more updates coming soon. I hope you guys love it, let me know what you think.’

Someone commented: ‘I can’t stress this enough when Jodie said that they recently became closer I think it’s because her time finally freed up, it’s so important to make that time and I’m so glad that they’re able to grow closer.’

Another commenter said: ‘“Jordan loves to see the best in people and I’m like WHO ARE YOU” lol 😂 … I’m the same way girl 👀’

A fan said this: ‘Is it just me but I’ve noticed Kylie has been posting on YouTube since Jordyn started… so shady those Kardashian/Jenner’s!! Karma will collect. Jordyn, you are humble and kind, never change ❤’


In a previous video that she shared on her YouTube channel, Jordyn addressed working out after she already highlighted the fact that this is one of her life’s great passions.

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