Big Bang Theory: What happened to Dave Gibbs? Why did Stephen Merchant leave?

Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) and Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) romance has taken plenty of twists and turns in Big Bang Theory but things looked to be over for good in season nine of the CBS sitcom. So much so, Amy began dating Dave Gibbs (Stephen Merchant). However, there wasn’t to be a happy ending for Dave and Amy which saw him leave the fray after just three episodes. Here’s what happened to him.

This prompted her to try things again with Dave again after being rejected by Sheldon.

Dave and Amy had dinner at her flat, resulting in a kiss when she flattered his tie clip.

However, there wasn’t to be another kiss as Sheldon’s signature three knocks were heard on the door.

Sheldon told Amy for the first time he loved her and told her he wanted to be her boyfriend again.

Amy and Sheldon then kissed thanks to Dave, who said: “Kiss her, you brilliant fool.”

Dave wasn’t seen again after this episode – so why did he leave?


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Dave and Stephen Merchant’s exit was down to the fact he was only signed up as a guest star.

Alongside the aforementioned Tipton, the Hollywood Reporter broke the news they would only make brief appearances.

Merchant’s character’s story had also seemingly come to an end on the show.

With Amy and Sheldon back together, there would’ve been little purpose to keep Dave in the fray.

Merchant has gone on to star in The Good Place, Dream Corp LLC and Click & Collect after his Big Bang departure.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix now.