Chris Evans: ’Shall I un-ask that?’ Host moves on as Billy Connolly calls question ‘weird'

Chris Evans, 53, had an awkward blunder on his Virgin Radio breakfast show this morning during a sensitive interview with comedian Billy Connolly, 76.

The Glasgow-born comic opened up about his career, how he’s coping living with Parkinson’s disease and his choice to pack in performing live, saying “life is good” despite battling the condition.

“What would you like to achieve in the next five to 10 years?” Chris asked.

There was a slight pause as listeners eagerly awaited the answer.

“That’s a weird one,” Billy replied, unsure of how to answer.

Chris seemed uneasy with the response and promptly made the decision to cut the question: “Shall I un-ask it?” He said before Billy replied: “Yeah.”

“Okay lets un-ask that question.”

Swiftly moving on, the radio host was keen to talk about the last pages of Billy’s book, asking if he was saying goodbye and thank you.

“The performer is saying goodbye,” Billy made clear.

“I’m not saying goodbye, I’m here for the duration.”

The Glasgow born comedian announced he was retiring from performing last year to focus on his health but hasn’t closed the door on stage life.

“I’ve stopped performing because of my Parkinson’s disease and I’ve stopped touring.

“I might perform at some other point but I have no plans to and I’m quite happy taking my medicine and getting along with it,” he explained.

The Scotsman revealed his condition has presented new symptoms including drooling, unsteady walking and loss of hearing.

“This disease gives you a new thing every now and again that you have to deal with and drooling is my new one. It’s bizarre, bits of me are falling off but it’s interesting.”

When asked whether his health would impact him from ever performing again Billy gave a heart-wrenching response.

“It would affect my performance, I don’t think like I used to. I don’t think the same way as I used to.”

“It’s incurable and it’s not going to end.”

Chris asked what circumstances would change his mind after the comedian recently turned down a gig at the Royal Albert Hall to raise money for Parkinson’s disease when he originally agreed to it.

Billy replied: “The circumstances will make themselves known. Someone will ask me to something and I’ll say yes. I almost did a gig for Parkinson’s Disease at the Albert Hall.

“I said yes then I changed my mind. I thought it over and the thinking about it was different to the way I thought about gigs before. I don’t think the way I used to.”

But he said he “feels good” about the decision.

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