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Blizzard has canceled an Overwatch for Switch launch event scheduled to take place this week to celebrate the game’s release on Nintendo’s hybrid platform.

The event was supposed to take place on October 16 at the marquee Nintendo store in New York City. However, it’s no longer going ahead. Blizzard canceled the event, Nintendo said in an update on Twitter. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The cancellation of the event is a surprise, given it was only just announced on October 9. It was supposed to be a launch party of sorts for Overwatch’s Switch version, and voice actors from Overwatch were scheduled to appear to meet fans.

The event is still posted to Nintendo’s website.

Blizzard was recently again in the news after the company released a statement regarding the action it took against a Hearthstone player, blitzchung, who voiced their support for the ongoing Hong Kong protests. Blizzard has reduced his ban and restored his prize money.

As for blitzchung, he said in his own statement that he will “be more careful on that and express my opinions or show my support to Hong Kong on my personal platforms.”

Blizzard’s next big event is BlizzCon, which takes place in California in November. The company is expected to make announcements and share new information about its games at the show. The company will also no doubt face questions about its Hong Kong statement.

Nintendo’s statement mentions that Blizzard canceled the Overwatch event in NYC. However, Blizzard has yet to explain why. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.



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