it’s gone. 


After a week’s delay, Fortnite season 10 ended on Oct. 13 with The End event. It was literally the end as the game is no longer playable after the event started. 

An explosive season-ending event caused the destruction of the island and apparently the game itself as it is not playable as of this writing. 

Fortnite has ended. 

What happened?

Like in season 4, the event started off with a rocket launching into the sky and exploded to create rifts. Like in the earlier event, the rocket went out of one rift into another except that there were several more rockets this time around. The spacecrafts then flew into one rift again and again right where the meteor was frozen in the sky. The once more rockets went into the rifts near the meteor, the meteor itself went into the rip making them disappear. Players were then sent into the air, floating uncontrollably, when all the sudden, the rockets and the meteor reappeared high above the island just to crash into it. After a singularity-like event sucking in everything and everyone, causing a blink and then nothingness. 

What’s left was a singularity. 

The official Fortnite Twitter account and website only show the black hole.

The Fortnite YouTube channel has a livestream of the event that shows the explosions and is currently streaming just the singularity. 

Players who try to play the game are greeted with a technical difficulties screen and then nothing. 

How long the game will stay down is unclear, but this is an unprecedented move for a game this popular. 

Originally published Oct. 7 and updated as new information is revealed.

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