Roger Federer in stunning rant at umpire during rare outburst at Shanghai Masters

Roger Federer fumed at the umpire during his Shanghai Masters quarter-final clash with Alexander Zverev.

The Swiss star is usually as cool as a cucumber on the court but all that went out of the window when the going got tough in China.

Zverev got an early break in the third set to lead 6-3, 6-7, 2-0 when Federer first vented at the umpire after not being told that new balls were in play.

He said: “He is waiting. Thousands are waiting. You don’t think of it?

“I have got other issues man. I am sorry for that.

“Help me out. Just help me out.”

Federer changes his racket when the balls are replaced but he missed the opportunity to do so and felt that was to blame.

As Zverev took a 3-0 lead by holding serve Federer went over to the official to vent some more.

Federer added: “Why are you not reminding me? It’s the one thing in the whole match that I expect from you.

“80 per cent of you guys never remind me. Every time. I told you like 10 minutes ago.

“I always end up looking like a fool.”

In the following game the umpire made the bold call to hit Federer with a point penalty to give Zverev to break points.

The 38-year-old’s frustration boiled over and he hit a ball into the crowd for about the fifth time in the match.

Federer and Umpire argument

Umpire: “It is maybe not with full power but it is hitting the ball out.

Federer: “Well what’s the full reason?

Umpire: “It was hitting the ball out of the court. That is somewhere. We might lose the ball there.

Federer: “Do you not think we could get the ball back?

Umpire: “We could. Before you hit the ball there and almost broke the zip and now this is the second time.

Federer: “Why don’t you communicate with me at three-love so I know I’m at the edge?”

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