Lottie Lion, 19, is said to have irritated her co-stars on The Apprentice 2019 by boasting about her surprising connection to Lord Alan Sugar, 72. The BBC contestant has reportedly “rubbed everyone up the wrong way” during her stint on the programme. The librarian first caused a stir when reports claimed she had a fling with her fellow Apprentice hopeful, Lewis Ellis, 28. According to The Sun, she then “upset” the cast of the show by bragging about her dad being friends with Lord Sugar.

A source told the publication: “Lottie managed to rub everyone up the wrong way from the start, particularly in the house where tempers were often running very high after tasks.

“She forever bragged about the country club she belonged to and she was always saying how you had to have loads of money to even be considered as a member.”

The insider continued: “Many others in the house took that as her way of looking down her nose at everyone else, a lot of people were unhappy when they found out her dad runs a company that books Lord Sugar for speeches.”

They added Lottie has annoyed her fellow candidates to the point that she is being ostracised and many of them have tried to avoid sharing a taxi with her.  

Express.co.uk has contacted representatives for the BBC and Lord Alan Sugar for comment.

Lord Alan Sugar’s representative has denied claims about the business mogul and Lottie’s dad, telling Express.co.uk: “She is talking nonsense.

“Lord Sugar doesn’t know her dad, has never done any business with her dad, and frankly has never even heard of him.”

Elsewhere, Lottie and digital marketing manager Lewis reportedly shared a “night of passion” after growing close during filming for the show.

The duo, who are both single, allegedly tried to keep their dalliance quiet and their fellow contestants discovered what happened, which made things “awkward”.

Lottie previously claimed she was sent shocking death threats in the run-up to the BBC reality show’s first episode.

The star revealed she was sent horrible messages and stories about death just days before her TV debut.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident, which Lottie believes is being carried out by two teenagers.

Speaking about the messages, she said: “Being involved in The Apprentice is a wonderful opportunity.

“At a time like this in my life I should be able to focus entirely on the process and winning an investment from Lord Sugar.

“However I have recently become a target of harassment from two young teenagers in the Taunton area.”

She added: “I appreciate that being on such a programme does project me into the limelight – however there is no excuse for such threatening behaviour.

“You never know if they are empty or not.”

Sharing further details about the threats, she continued: “The death threat occurred between 1am and 2am and they made threats to kill me and cause grievous bodily harm.

“Due to the severity of the threats, I have to take the case seriously and am very grateful to Avon and Somerset Constabulary for being so thorough with their investigation.”

The Apprentice continues at 9pm tonight on BBC One.

source: express.co.uk


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