KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Does Not Plan On Taking Tristan Thompson Back Despite Reconciliation Rumors

There have been rumors that Tristan Thompson’s flirting has worked and that Khloe gave him another chance. However, as it turns out, not only are they not back together, but the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is not planning on ever taking him back!

One source confirmed via E! News that Tristan has been ‘desperately trying to win Khloe back. He is doing everything that he can to prove himself and will not take no for an answer. He is saying nice things to her and flattering her constantly. He knows he made a huge mistake and lost the best thing that has ever happened to him. He is very persistent and is not backing down no matter what Khloe says or does.’

Furthermore, they dished that the former couple is indeed spending a lot more time together lately and Khloe couldn’t be happier about it but it’s not because she still wants him.

What she wants is for him to be in their daughter, True’s life as any parent should.

Tristan is trying his best to do everything right in hopes Khloe would give him a third chance but the insider insisted that she has no interest in doing that.

‘She finally feels like she is in a good headspace and they’re on such great terms that she does not want to shake things up. She does not trust Tristan and does not want to be hurt again. Khloe’s fine being single for now and focusing on being a mom to her baby True. Tristan’s been trying to get back with her since the day he cheated, and she’s still not buying it,’ the source dished.

The only thing she appreciates is that they are on good terms and on their way to becoming a great co-parenting team. Nothing more, nothing less!


Do you think that this is the right thing to do or should she take him back?

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source: celebrityinsider.org