Melania Trump embarrassment: FLOTUS' multilingual claims mocked by expert in outburst

The First Lady and wife of US President Donald Trump claims she speaks a number of different languages including English, German, Italian, Serbo-Croatian and her native language Slovenian. Despite these claims, there has been little to no proof that she speaks any of these languages, other than Slovenian and English, with any degree of fluency. Language expert John Aravosis posted a video on YouTube in 2017 which analysed Melania’s language skills.

He claimed he decided to look at the two languages Melania and he had in common, French and Italian.

Mr Aravosis said: “What I found is disturbing though perhaps not surprising.”

The AMERICAblog founder first investigated Melania’s visit to a school in Paris where he claimed it was a “perfect opportunity” for the First Lady to show off her fluent French.

Melania was seen introducing herself to the children in their native tongue.

Mr Aravosis said: “Someone who is fluent in French says a little bit more than hello my name is so-and-so.

“You would at least show the kids you speak french and show off a bit for the local audience.”

He added: “If she spoke French, wouldn’t she want to show that off abroad.

“Wouldn’t she want to show sort of how classy she is, how she’s this first First Lady in a long time to be fluent in all these languages.”

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Mr Aravosis claimed the words Melania said to the children were “fake Italian”.

He said: “It’s not what somebody who knows Italian would do.

“You would let the kids know you speak their language.”

The fluent Italian speaker also claimed Melania got her Italian wrong, he claimed she said hello to an individual child rather than the collective.

Mr Aravosis added: “This is really rudimentary Italian it’s the kind of thing you would learn on your first week in a class, and were fluent in the language.”

He went on to claim Melania kept talking to the children when she had the opportunity to throw some words in, but didn’t.

Speculation over Melania’s ability also came when her and Trump visited Pope Francis at the Vatican.

In a video of the meeting Melania is seen looking at the translator to understand what the Pope was saying.

Mr Aravosis also claimed he researched Melania’s German ability but failed to find a video of her speaking the language.