Curious Zelda: Exclusive poem reveals hilarious adventure from social media cat's world

Curious Zelda got her name because of her wide-eyed expression, a gentle and unusual puss who has taken the world of Twitter and Instagram by storm.

The black and white feline now has over 200,000 followers, in part thanks to her beloved new owner Matt Taghioff.

He has showcased her unexpected antics and now thousands of cat-lovers are glued to her every move.

So fans will be delighted to learn Curious Zelda now has her very first book – called The Adventures of A Curious Cat.

Zelda’s view of the world is chronicled in terms of how she communicates with furniture, handles her humans, and delivers her unique voice.

Curious cat explores dating, politics, yoga and cookery, with the help of the humans around her, and is the “ultimate self-help guide for any cat, or their human”.

Owner Matt Taghioff happened upon the beautiful purrer at the Mayhew animal rescue shelter in London, 2014.

According to Taghioff, he entered into an “intense staring match” with the misunderstood kitty, but it wasn’t long before the pair chose each other for life, and Zelda’s unusual habits and constantly spooked facial expression were clearly a winner from the beginning.

In honour of National Poetry Day, has a delightful poem about one of Zelda’s adventures one night, as she goes on a very important search for moths.

The poem is below

They say goodnight, They close the door, They’re out of sight, I must explore

The coast is clear, The night is young, I feel a tingle, In my tongue

I’m on the prowl, I’m in the mood, On high alert, I spot some food

My whiskers twitch, We have a guest! A juicy bug, I must ingest

A tiny treat, A springy snack, I’m on my feet, I’ll soon attack

I watch him closely, Pupils grow, Must approach him, Very slow

He does a hop, He’s on the move! I take a swipe… I must improve

The bug is quick, The bug is wise, He’s worth the chase, Despite his size

My belly roars, I need the kill, I tense my claws, I’m very still

I get down low, I do a creep, I shake my butt, And then I leap

I bear my teeth, I open wide, He disappears, He’s now inside!

I close my mouth, I start to chew, A bit of crunch, A lot of goo!

A tangy burst, A sweet release, A final squirm, He’s now at peace

I lick my chops, I count to ten, I see a moth, I go again


Curious Zelda: “Curiosity is more than just a desire to discover. It’s a lifestyle, and a purrvilege. It’s hours of observing a fly on the wall. It’s entering the sock drawer just before it closes. It’s sniffing the lampshade one more time…”

Curious Zelda’s Instagram and Twitter can be found here and here.