Dianne Buswell: Strictly 2019 pro’s partner Dev Griffin accused of ‘lying’ to her face

Dianne Buswell, 30, and Dev Griffin, 34, have been dancing up a storm during the current series of the dance competition. But, the Strictly Come Dancing 2019 contestant has now been accused by his BBC Radio One co-star Alice Levine, 33, for not being “truthful” with the dancer. During a recent broadcast of their show, Alice cheekily teased Dev for telling Dianne he enjoyed red velvet cake when in fact it’s his least favourite treat. Annie asked the radio presenter: “I have a question to ask you. Are you a truthful person? Are you someone to be trusted?”

Dev replied: “When have I ever lied to your face? Ever?”

The British broadcaster explained: “This is interesting because I know you pretty well. You have kicked me to the curb and you’ve upgraded for a better model.

“You’ve got a new partner in crime. Her name’s Dianne, she’s a professional dancer. In no way am I jealous.

“But what I’ve noticed is you’ve not been completely straight up with Dianne, have you?”

The Strictly Come Dancing hopeful appeared adamant he had not “lied” to the ballroom professional.

Annie continued to goad her co-star, saying: “You’ve not been truthful.”

Dev replied: “All honest Dev, that’s what they call me. They say, ‘You know Dev he just can’t help but tell the truth.’”

“You’re a very opinionated man and one of the weird things you have a very strong opinions on is cake. And you eat a lot of cake,” Annie explained.

“You eat cake for breakfast, you eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

The BBC host said: “Can I just say it’s not actually written down anywhere what time of day you’re supposed to have cake. So…?”

Annie replied: “Fair enough. That’s not the issue of the day. One of the things that you have a very strong opinion on is red velvet cake. Which you’ve told me before is not a real cake.”

Dev interjected: “It’s not really a flavour, is it?”

Annie continued: “You’ve told me before you might as well be having bread, dyed red, I believe was one of the phrases.

“You said it brings shame on the cake name. All of these phrases are your own. And I watch a little video starring you and Dianne.

“And she’s like, ‘Dev’s favourite cake is red velvet’.”

The radio DJ confirmed he had indeed been receiving red velvet cake as a special treat from Dianne during their rehearsals for the show.

Annie fumed: “I’m like Dev’s favourite cake isn’t red velvet my darling. And you’re like, ‘Oh I get rewarded with red velvet cake. That’s what Dianne buys for me.’

“So have you lied to her face? She [Dianne] said, ‘I get it for him as a little reward, it’s his favourite thing. It really puts a smile on his face.’”

She added: “He hates it actually Dianne. He can’t stomach it. He can’t keep it down actually.”

Dev interjected: “Just because I said on the radio 30 times that I hate it, now that Dianne has given me red velvet cake I like it. What’s wrong with that?”

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 returns to BBC One on Saturday at 7.10pm.

source: express.co.uk