Video shows school bus driver accused of DUI rambling, screaming at students

A video of a Washington school bus driver accused of driving “drunk” showed the woman screaming at students and telling them that she is “totally crazy.”

The driver, Catherine Maccarone, 48, resigned from her job last week after being charged with driving under the influence and reckless endangerment in the Sept. 12 incident, authorities said.

The video, which was obtained by NBC affiliate KGW, showed Maccarone completing routes in the Longview School District with elementary and high school students.

The video begins with Maccarone talking to herself in an empty bus about the state of her marriage — “it sucks,” she said — then telling a bus full of students that “I’m totally crazy” because “I love life.”

At one point, she says that she graduated from college three times and that, while planning to pursue policing in Los Angeles, she had to spend a year being a gang informant.

“Yeah, yeah, no,” said Maccarone who later begins shrieking.

At another point, the students can be seen bouncing in their seats and screaming.

A fifth grader who was on the bus called 911 and reported that Maccarone was “drunk” and had driven through three red lights while students were on board.

KGW reported that Maccarone’s routes may have included as many as 90 students.

The district, which said the incident did not represent the “great work” of other school bus drivers, implemented a new daily screening process for drivers before they begin their routes, the station reported.

In a report from the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office, Maccarone denied running any red lights and said she was taking anti-anxiety and sleep medication.