Nigel Farage hits out at Gina Miller on GMB ‘too many people that want to stop Brexit'

Good Morning Britain was joined by Gina Miller on a live video link this morning to discuss the Supreme Court ruling which was announced yesterday. Following her interview, Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage spoke about Boris Johnson and whether or not he should resign following the court stating it was impossible to conclude there had been any reason – “let alone a good reason” – to advise the Queen to prorogue Parliament for five weeks in the run-up to Brexit deadline of 31 October. But instead, Farage hit out at the politicians and campaigners who were trying to stop Brexit from happening altogether. 

Miller is the businesswoman and campaigner who has twice led legal challenges against the government and won. 

Her first victory came in September 2017 when the Supreme Court ruled in favour of giving MPs a say over triggering Article 50 – the legal mechanism taking the UK out of the EU.

Her second came on Tuesday, when the Supreme Court ruled Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful.

While Miller is not officially aligned to any political party, Farage didn’t hold back and insinuated she was partly responsible for holding back Brexit. 

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Morgan asked Farage: “You heard all that, what’s your reaction to what Gina Miller was saying?” 

“Look, we normally have a representative democracy but the referendum was an exception to that, it was something that was passed by a massive majority in the House of Commons, the decision was given to the people. 

“Everyone told us our decision would be implemented and what we’ve seen ever since then is the political class doing their best to dilute, delay and even outright stop Brexit. That is what is going on here. 

“We have a Liberal Democrat Party who now, despite having wanted the referendum, they want to cancel the result. 

“The trouble is you say we don’t have a direct democracy, David Cameron gave the people to vote on Brexit, which was a peace of direct democracy wasn’t it?

“Because it was a referendum. And the Brexiteers won the referendum and…” Reid continued but Miller interrupted. 

“The MP’s have been trying to do that,” the guest explained. 

“They voted to trigger Article 50, they passed the bill to leave they passed the Withdrawal Act in 2015, they actually voted time and time again to get this through. 

“The problem is, and I agree with what Piers’ said, there is no coming together behind one particular outcome and they have got to do that, because everyone in this country is fed up and frustrated.” 

Morgan was keen to find out what Miller thought Johnson should do following the Supreme Court ruling. 

“Should he resign?” Morgan asked. 

“I believe he has broken the law and there must be consequences, not just for the Prime Minister but for senior members who are also involved,” Miller explained. 

Johnson is set to return to the UK today, earlier than planned after leaving the UN summit. 

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