The action star already has no shortage of incredible high-octane thrillers under his belt, but is an unexpected choice for the coveted role in the new reboot. Worlds away from English actor Michael Fassbender, who played the young mutant, and likewise Lord of the Rings star Ian McKellen, Denzel would bring a very different vibe to the character. But it has been reported that mammoth production company Marvel are determined to get him on-board for the role. We Got This Covered have claimed they received information from reliable sources Washington is top of the list to take on the troubled character.

The Training Day and Magnificent Seven star would be the ultimate coup for Marvel and the X-Men movies, if reports are to be believed.

The publication is keen to believe the sources’ reports because they already have a good track record.

The very same insiders previously revealed Moon Knight and Black Knight would be part of the next film roster before Marvel announced the news.

Also on the list, according to the reports, is Italian-American actor Giancarlo Esposito, who is most famous for a string of TV roles, notably in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as Gus Fring.

But will the exceptionally famous and busy Washington find time in his schedule to sign on to the latest Marvel offering?

It would be a huge commitment for the star given the potential for future sequels.

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Executive producer Kevin Feige recently spoke out about his plans for the future of the MCU, and that all the films going forward would feature many more diverse characters.

“This is the future,” he told The Wrap. “This is the way the world is.

“And the way, certainly, our studio’s going to be run going forward, because it brings about better stories.

“The more diverse the group of people making the movie is, the better the stories,” he added.

Both Washington and Esposito would be excellent choices for Magneto, and would undoubtedly bring their own spin to the role.

There have been plenty of casting changes in the Marvel world recently, as the production company is determined to shatter expectations.

Current hot property Zendaya was given the role of Mary-Jane Watson in the latest Spider-Man films, which left fans of the original comics divided at first.

Magneto was originally played by McKellen, before being taken over by Michael Fassbender in the prequel films.

Who will win the opportunity too play the next version of the character?

Marvel Studios has yet to confirm if Washington and Esposito are in the running to play Magneto.



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