BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin, 51, told a Twitter user that some triathlon suits do offer support for breasts, after the former appeared confused.

At first, the fan wrote: “A question I was asked that I couldn’t answer.

“Bras…. Ladies. What’s the best solution for Triathlons if you are unable to go without?

“Was asked by a newbie who wasn’t sure what and how. Obviously I had no clue. What suggestions do we have? #UKTriChat.”

On the same post, another Twitter user wrote: “I would love to know the answer to this! Why don’t tri suits have a supportive lining in them?”

Louise responded to the post to set the record straight.

She simply replied: “Some do.”

In response to Louise’s comment, another social media user replied: “Some do but I can’t get myself into them for some reason lol.

“It’s like doing origami on yourself! I always go for a sports bra like a crop top under the tri suit… but I can get away with small amounts of support.”(sic)

Louise, an amateur triathlete, has competed in the likes of the World Triathlon Championships for Great Britain and most recently the Norseman triathlon.

Last month, Louise Minchin queried why women are reluctant to apply for the Ironman challenge.

The sports event consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle road and a 26.22 mile marathon.

In view of her 162,000 Twitter followers, Louise retweeted a message from 12-time Ironman champion, Lucy Gossage, who questioned the reasons behind a lack of female applicants.

Lucy wrote: “I’ve been invited onto @BBCWomansHour tomorrow to talk women in Ironman.

“Why don’t more W enter? Should more W be encouraged to enter? Is it fear of failure or are W just more balanced than men? Should it be Ironwoman? What about ‘Irongirl'(rebranded as night run at IMUK). Thoughts?”(sic)

Louise wrote back: “All excellent questions… anyone have the answers?”

One Twitter user replied: “Can we stop pinkifying things? There shouldn’t be a girls and boys version of anything.

“Other than that reading some of the responses there seems to be guilt, self-worth and general societal expectations. Makes me sad.”

“I agree, I know a lot of triathletes (and am one apparently!)” another added.

“And I think women on average just have less time to train due to work and home life pressures.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.



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