Indian Netflix hit series Sacred Games could be coming to a close after season two, which finished adapting Vikram Chandra’s epic novel of the same name. Season two saw Sartaj Singh (played by Saif Ali Khan) trying to stop a nuclear bomb from exploding and killing millions across Mumbai, while Ganesh Gaitonde’s (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) links to the conspiracy were uncovered. Netflix has yet to confirm whether Sacred Games will be getting recommissioned for a third outing but in the meantime, audience members still have plenty of questions.

Why did Gaitonde kill Jojo in Sacred Games?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Sacred Games season 1 & 2

Many fans want to know why the kingpin of Gopalmath shot dead madam Jojo Mascarenas (Surveen Chawla).

In the opening episode of Sacred Games, Gaitonde shot dead Jojo but his reasons behind murdering her remained unknown.

Season one revealed that she was the agent of Bollywood actress Zoya Mirza (Elnaaz Norouzi) and had sent her to Gaitonde while he languished in prison.

However, their relationship clearly soured after Gaitonde shot her fatally her when she tried to escape from his bunker.

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Things took another turn in season two after we got more backstory, shedding light on how Gaitonde had been manipulated by holy man Guru Ji (Pankaj Tripathi).

Gaitonde found out that he was being used by Guru Ji to fulfil his own ends.

Everything the Gaitonde had believed was a lie – even his belief that through divine intervention Zoya had been sent to him during his incarceration.

Guru Ji had been manipulating the mafia boss for 20 years, leaving him broken.

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Trivedi (Chittaranjan Tripathy) broke the news to Gaitonde, who was outraged and didn’t believe him.

Gaitonde shot Trivedi dead for revealing the brutal truth and later stuck his body in the bunker.

After the murder, Gaitonde forced Jojo to come to the bunker and tell him if she too was part of Guru Ji’s conspiracy.

Jojo was flippant when Gaitonde confronted her, suggesting that Guru Ji had indeed asked her to send Zoya.

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Her admission infuriated Gaitonde further and he refused to let her leave the bunker.

After Gaitonde fell asleep, Jojo tried to steal the keys from him at which point he awoke and shot her.

But she hadn’t quite died and tried to crawl towards the exit when Gaitonde ended her life once and for all.

The godfather’s motivations seem to do with stopping her leave rather than her betrayal.

Season two hinted the pair became lovers somewhere along the line and he learnt about her desire to die.

He also found out about her sister’s tragic backstory and Jojo’s multiple attempts to take her own life.

Another reason why Gaitonde may also have killed Jojo could have been to fulfil her death wish.

However, the reasons for his actions aren’t explicit and open to interpretation.

Sacred Games season 2 is streaming on Netflix now



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