Pokemon Sword and Shield Glitch Pokemon update: Nintendo fans finally get some answers

UPDATE: Pokemon Sword and Shield developer Game Freak has revealed more about the mystery Pocket Monster.

According to a new tweet, the glitch was caused by a wild Rotom. With the “issue” fixed, Sirfetch’d has been officially revealed.

“Trainers, we’ve resolved the technical issue with our latest announcement. The cause of the issue was a wild Rotom!” reads a Pokemon tweet. “With that issue cleared up, we’re ready to share what we’ve learned about the newly discovered Pokemon.”

According to The Pokemon Company, Farfetch’d can be evolved into Sirfetch’d after experiencing many battles. 

“They are calm and collected, and they make a point of always battling fairly,” reads the official description. “They are so noble in battle that they are often chosen as a motif for paintings. Of particular note is a painting—famous in the Galar region—that depicts a duel between a Sirfetch’d and an Escavalier.”

The Sirfetch’d is said to use the sharp stalk of its leek as a lance and the thick leaves as a shield.

As previously reported, when the leek withers, Sirfetch’d retreats from battle. The new Pokemon also has a unique move called Meteor Assault.

“Sirfetch’d points its leek at the opponent and charges toward them at great speed,” reads the Meteor Assault description. “This move is devastatingly powerful! However, it appears that the move also puts great strain on Sirfetch’d. It will be unable to take action immediately after using this move.”

You can watch the Sirfetch’d reveal trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield below.

ORIGINAL: Pokemon Sword and Shield developer Game Freak is about to reveal the identity of a mysterious new Pocket Monster.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield studio recently unveiled a new Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch game’s official website… well, kind of.

Fans were greeted by a smaller image of a pixelated Pokemon when opening the game’s website. The image initially moves when you hover over it, but eventually stays still long enough to click on it.

Fans who click on the image are taken to a page with a glitched image and redacted text.

“Only [redacted] that have survived many battles can attain this [redacted],” the listing reads. “When this Pokémon’s [redacted] [redacted]ers, it will retire from combat.”

The most popular fan theory is that the new Pokemon will be an evolved version of Farfetch’d.

Named Sirfetch’d, the Pokemon is believed to hold a leak that doubles as a lancer. Once it shatters, Sirfetch’d will seemingly retire from battle.

But it looks like fans don’t have long to wait for the mystery to be officially put to bed by Nintendo, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company.

That’s based on a new tweet by The Pokemon Company, which suggests a reveal is imminent.

“Trainers, thanks to your reports, we’ve uncovered a technical issue with the announcement of our latest Pokemon discovery,” the tweet reads.

“We’ve got our hardest working Pokemon Trainers on the case and hope to have the issue resolved shortly.”

According to Serebii, the new Pokemon will be officially revealed at 2pm BST in the UK.

Express Online will update this article once the announcement has been made.

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a November 15 release date, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

The game contains lots of new features and a new generation of Pokemon, not to mention a brand new location loosely based on the United Kingdom.

One of the headline new features is called Dynamaxing, which transforms Pocket Monsters into huge beasts with more powerful special moves.

The Nintendo Switch game will also have more Trainer customisation options, including the ability to change hairstyles and wear makeup.

Players will also be able to set up camps when exploring the Galar region, and can even cook up a selection of curry dishes.

source: express.co.uk