Jeremy Clarkson Twitter: ‘Takes time’ The Grand Tour host reveals season 4 set-back

Jeremy Clarkson, 59, has been busy travelling around the world filming the new specials for season four of The Grand Tour, along with his co-stars, Richard Hammond and James May.

But one fan was eager to know when they would return to Amazon Prime and quizzed the presenter on why it was taking so long for it to air. 

One person tweeted the former Top Gear presenter: “@JeremyClarkson when will you be back doing those great specials with the boys again…”

Jeremy revealed they have already wrapped up on one special and have more in the pipeline.

The host replied: “Filmed one already. Writing the second and that will be shot in November.”

Revealing why there is a set-back, he added: “Editing, as always, is what takes the time.”

The person was happy to have received a response and comment back: “Thats great cant wait to see you guys back on tv.. hoping you do somthing back in nyc again one day to.”(sic) 

Another fan wanted the process to hurry up as they responded: “Get better editors.”

A third said: “The best news so far!!!! I’m so happy to hear it.”

“We understand the time it takes because GT’s editing is fantastic,” added another.

Last month, Jeremy, who presents Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, opened up on the challenges they have faced so far filming the specials.

The presenter explained how they had planned a very particular ending to the show, but things went very wrong.

Speaking to Drive Tribe from a pub in London, Jeremy said: “Well, we’ve just done the first… well they’re not really specials anymore it’s now just what The Grand Tour is, where we travel the world.

“We’ve just done the first one and there is an incredibly dramatic ending that was entirely accidental.

“The ending we’d planned that we’d spent 100s of thousands of pounds on, that we’d researched for months, didn’t happen.”

Alluding to horrendous weather, Jeremy continued: “Not a mile away from where we were, some people were killed.

“As a result of the conditions, we simply couldn’t complete [the ending].

“But, because of the conditions, we have one hell of an ending. Yeah, it will be an astonishing show.”

When The Grand Tour returns later in the year, it will look a lot different as the big studio-format has gone, and it will just be Jeremy, Richard Hammond and James May travelling the world in their cars.

The Grand Tour will return to Amazon Prime soon.