Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host reveals he's turned the heating on early for his wife

The presenter made the admission during one of his morning shows. Chris is married to Natasha Shishmanian, who he wedded in 2007. He describes her as being like the “Equator”, as she can’t cope with the cold weather.

And speaking on the programmes, he said: “Good morning to anyone doing the heating hokey cokey this morning.

“We fired up the heating on Tuesday, and firing up the heating is like firing up the National Grid in our house.

“But now because it’s got warmer it’s like what are we going to do now – we’re going to have to shut it down.

“It’s a nightmare.

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“We had to go early because Tash feels the cold, she can’t stand the cold.

“Then we go away on holiday and everyone else is baking and we’re all looking for shade but she’s looking for more and more sun.

“She’s like the equator and I’m like the North or South Pole – take your pick.”

Chris is known for his work on BBC shows such as Top Gear and The One Show.

Last week, he shocked listeners and colleagues after falling off his chair live on air, leaving them in fits of hysterics.

The presenter is known to make a blunder or two during his morning shows.

And last week it proved no different as his co-host Vassos Alexander couldn’t contain his laughter as Chris fell forward off his chair.

Vassos told listeners: “Something hilarious has just happened.

Chris said: I fell off forwards, not even backwards, for no apparent reason.

“What the heck happened there?”

A caller who was on the line was also in hysterics as the fall was discussed live on air.

Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am.