Treasure Island with Bear Grylls: Fans confused after Ruby's sudden exit – 'What the hell?

Treasure Island with Bear Grylls returned to television screens tonight as 12 ordinary members of the public battle is out for a stake in £100,000 which has been hidden across the Island. Tonight, Marco D’Andrea and Ivar Mountbatten remained convinced they would not tell anyone about the £35,000 they had found last week. Joining them as secret stealers was Emily and Elissa Corrigan who stumbled upon an all important fluorescent money bag and bagged a comfortable £5,000 each.

Despite them feasting on an iguana, finding a random rainbow lace sweet and eventually a new water source, it was the final scene of the episode which sent viewers into a frenzy. 

Marco, Ivar and Jack had spent the last few days five kilometres away on another beach, catching food and finding an alternative water source, all while deciding whether or not they should return to the main camp, or set up on their own.

After much indecisiveness, Jack made a heartfelt plea to look after the others and persuaded Ivar and Marco to return with him. 

Together they decided to tell the rest of the contestants about the new camp and later packing up, they made the trek down the coastline. 

While some were seen splashing about in the water, Irene quenched her thirst after days of being severely dehydrated. 

Others started planning out camp and what materials they needed in order to build things. 

With the episode ending on a high, Channel 4 viewers were treated to a sneak preview into next weekend’s instalment. 

Morag Barton was seen grilling Marco about the prize money following a circulation of rumours around camp. 

And while Ivar sat behind him extremely quiet and straight faced, Marco looked like he was backed into a corner. 

Another scene showed Jack back out in the ocean catching more food, this time a sting ray.  

Meanwhile, Ben caused worry amongt the camp when he starts foreaging and stumbles across some animal droppings which he proceeds to eat. 

But it was when the screen turned black and a messaged flashed up on screen were fans of the show left confused. 

The message read: “Homesick and unable to cope with the conditions, 20-year-old waitress Ruby left the Island after five days.”

Taking to Twitter to comment, many questioned who Ruby was and if they had even seen her on the show since it begun last week. 

One said: “Who the hell is Ruby? #TreasureIsland.” 

“#TreasureIsland Which one was Ruby, 20? Have we seen her yet?” Another remarked. 

Someone else commented: “Saw message at end, said she left after 5 days.. Didn’t know there was anyone called Ruby even on there #TreasureIsland.” 

“Who on earth was Ruby? Why did we also not get to see her leave the Island like everyone else who departs early? #TreasureIsland,” one tweet read. 

Since the episode aired, Ruby has spoken out about why she left early. 

She told the press giving up on the challenge was one of the “biggest regrets [she’s] ever had in [her] life”. 

“Some people might call this an excuse or whatever, but at the time me and my boyfriend had just got keys to our first home. I just thought how I was missing out on an important part of our life together just for a few weeks on the island. 

“It didn’t sit well with me and it was kind of breaking my heart. Once I got that into my head, it just consumed me. 

“I massively, massively regret leaving, but it’s nothing I can change now, but I will always beat myself up over it,” she concluded. 

Treasure Island with Bear Grylls returns next Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.