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Is it worth it to buy a Starter Cube for Magic: The Gathering?

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  1. I honestly think the way that Wizards of the Coast carries on with their price increases is starting to cause players to lose interest in the new products, especially as the value inside is dropping. Reprints are getting worse, new cards don't see the same value and mostly fall out after standard rotation. It's really getting to a point where it is irritatingly disappointing. I really hope "Throne of Eldraine" lives up to the expectation that has been built up by the hype around it.

    I was thinking about buying a Mystic Intellect set but I honestly don't know whether it is actually worthwhile.

  2. just get rid of the reserved list already. jeez. part of the.biggest turn off for new players is the cost of building a powerful deck. mtg is the only collector item where value is determined by card power levels instead of just pure collecting. Reprints of classic comics don't hurt the value of originals. So it shouldnt for mtg. You can reprint superman #1 all day it wont effect the value of an original. Worst thing wizards ever did was acquiesce to the crybabies who care more about profit than the game.

  3. I must admit a better mana base is a good shout, as a newish player that really loves the toolkit element of these decks, mana bases tend to be my biggest hurdle to building a new commander deck so having more staples is a big deal.

  4. I'm getting the faceless menace. I used to run a decked out mono blue Ixidor Morph deck that i will take apart to build Kadena because she is SO much better. (i'll still run Ixidor in the 99 though).

  5. Maybe I’m in the minority here when I say I don’t want any $40+ cards in the precon commander decks. I like being able to actually buy the decks without price gouging because mtg finance people buy everything as it hits the shelves. I’d like for newer players, who might not preorder every new product, to be able to walk into a game store on commander night and buy a deck for $35-40, and be able to sit down and play, instead of the person at the counter telling them “sorry, WotC put a fetch land and a doubling season in there so you can only buy the decks for $200 on the secondary market, if you’re lucky, also we as a store make more money if we sell even one of the individual cards from the deck, so why sell it complete?”. While it’s not exactly the same as a folded up $100 bill in the box, a Scalding Tarn in a precon deck is going to make it very difficult to buy that deck for a reasonable price.

  6. I’m probably going to get Mystic Intellect, and just keep it sealed. Once they go out of print it will probably hit $100+ quickly, and is currently ~$35. And depending how FNM’s and Standard Showdowns is get Faceless Menace to actually take apart and work towards my Slimefoot Commander deck.

  7. I dunno, I think guildgates and the like are fine. With the pace of your average commander game, just being able to play a tapped land that covers two colours seems decent enough, and on every subsequent turn after they are equally as good as any fast land.

  8. A few years back, my usual group for MTG used to actively play Commander, they went nuts for it but I really never got into it, specially since I felt I lacked the cards to play (playability-wise). Now I moved to a new area and is just me and a friend I thought to play MTG, we both decided to buy a Commander 2019 deck and try the format for the first time. In the end, I ended up with Merciless Rage and I'm quite happy with my choice, specially after seeing this video. Thanks for the info!


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