Erica Dixon has more or less decided to answer Lil Scrappy for calling her a basic baby mama.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star who shares a daughter with Lil Scrappy took to social media where she posed in a sexy outfit and had this caption: “Never been bland… still in high demand.”

Fans might recall that during the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion Scrappy and ex-girlfriend Erica Dixon went head-to-head and he said she was a “basic baby mama.”

Bambi Benson’s husband said: “None of y’all know her. She gon’ always do this. She a basic baby mama.”

Emani’s father tried to explain himself: “I didn’t mean basic, you feel me? I meant the other word that goes with basic: Typical. I respect her for being [Emani’s] mom. Now, getting money from child support but still telling everybody she is not getting money, that was my whole thing. I’m not going to jail for no child support, because I take care of my kid. I’ve been taking care of my seed since before she was born. I was giving Erica $2,000 a month before she was born. Quit lyin’.”

One fan told Erica: “You’ve always been one of my favorites on the show. No fighting no stalking, just all being the Great Mom you are, you have three Beautiful Children, Blessings to you and your family,…”

A second supporter said: “She’s an example to young women that you can only glow up from a toxic relationship after leaving it. 👏❤️”

A lot of drama between the blended family took place on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

When Erica was not going back and forth with Bambi and Lil Scrappy — she was feuding with Bambi’s mother, CeCe.

In one memorable episode from the last season, the mother of three said that CeCe had treated her and Lil Scrappy’s daughter very inappropriately, and was disappointed by the overall attitude the two of them had to deal with.

This was not the first time fans watched some jabs exchanged on that front, as Erica had already expressed her disappointment with Bambi and her mother in the past, and she has made it clear that she was not going to tolerate this kind of attitude from her side.

Bambi and Erica had a few bitter exchanges on social media, and while both seem to love Emani and want the best for her — it does not like they will make peace soon.


The latest moves will keep this going on a little longer.

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