Downton Abbey movie: Barrow CLASHES with Lord Grantham in fierce exchange – WATCH

Next week, fans will be treated to the Downton Abbey movie, set a couple of years after the show’s finale on New Year’s Day 1925. The cinematic event sees King George V and Queen Mary on a Royal visit to the stately home. And now a new clip from the film starring Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockers, Jim Carter and Robert James-Collier shows there’s a tense atmosphere at Downton Abbey. Fans will remember at the end of the final series, Mr Carson retired and Barrow became the new butler i.e. head servant of the household.

However, this shock new clip sees that Carson is being brought back in as butler to oversee the Royal visit.

Unexpectedly, Barrow does not take the news well and storms out of the library after a fiery exchange with his masters.

When Lord Grantham tries to explain what Barrow’s role will be instead, the slippery servant interrupts sarcastically.

He says: “With your permission, I’d prefer not to be a sort of anything, my Lord.”

Barrow continued: “I will surrender my position for the duration of the visit if I must.

“And serve you again when their Majesties have gone, if you so wish.”


By the looks of it, Lady Maud will be accompanying King George V and Queen Mary on their visit to Downton Abbey – the main thrust of the 1927-set movie.

The tense clip also introduced Tuppence Middleton’s Lucy Smith, who plays Lady Maud’s maid.

From Downton Abbey’s trailer, it looks like she and Allen Leech’s Tom Branson will be sparking a romance.

But while much of the main cast of the award-winning TV series are returning there’s no sign of Lily James’ Rose due to the star’s busy schedule. Nevertheless, she could always return in another movie.

Downton Abbey is released in UK cinemas on September 13, 2019.