Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions continues tonight at 8pm on ITV. Tonight, BGT alumni singer Jai McDowall, comedian Lost Voice Guy and dance group MerseyGirls will perform on the show. British ventriloquist, Paul Zerdin who won the 10th series of American’s Got Talent will also star alongside acts from China, Germany, America and Italy.

Was the winner of BGT The Champions revealed ahead of the launch?

For the next five weeks, Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions will see winners and finalists from the ‘Got Talent’ formats across the globe compete to be crowned the ultimate champion.

Each week, approximately seven acts perform in front of the judges who will be able to send one act through to the final.

The audience will then get to vote for one act they would like to send through to the 10-person final.

Unfortunately, unlike the normal format of BGT, the audience at home will not be able to vote for the act they want to send through to the final.


The series was filmed earlier this year at Wembley Stadium which means all of the episodes, including the upcoming final, were pre-recorded.

The winner of this series reportedly landed themselves in hot water after they announced on social media they had won the show.

Therefore, the winner of BGT: The Champions may already been online.

Thankfully, the winner was instructed by BGT bosses to remove the post immediately, so news of the winner might not have spread as far as they feared.

A source told The Sun Online: “Bosses are absolutely furious at the winner.

“There’s no way they should have done that, and producers rang them immediately and told them off.

“It ruins viewers’ enjoyment of the show if they know who wins. Bosses are now hoping that the leak doesn’t spread and fans won’t have the ending of the show spoilt for them.”


A seconds source told The Daily Mail: “I don’t think it was disrespect from the winners – in fact completely the opposite.

“It was over-excitement after picking up the trophy in front of an audience Wembley Arena!”

They added: “Producers of the show are raging. They worked so hard to make the show a success only for pictures to leak out of the act holding the trophy.

“It really is a disaster but it looks as though they have managed to contain the damage.

“It would ruin it for everyone if the winner was public knowledge before even the first semi-final has aired on TV.”


Last week, Ukrainian sand artist Kseniya Simonova was sent through to the final by Amanda Holden’s golden buzzer.

The studio audience voted to send America’s Got Talent alum stunt duo Bello and Annalise Nock through to the final.

Britain’s Got Talent dance troupe Boogie Storm came in second place and dog act Ashleigh and Sully into third.

Unfortunately, this meant the first-ever Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts and singer Connie Talbot did not make it through to the final.

Also sent packing was Australian comedians The Nelson Twins, India’s Got Talent alum Bad Salsa and Asia’s Got Talent The Sacred Riana.

However, the American version had two ‘Wildcard acts’ who the judges decided should be in the final, so it is possible some of these faces may return for the final.

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions airs Saturdays at 8pm on ITV



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