Is Kate Middleton putting Prince William second? Star signs reveals Duchess' focus

Kate Middleton has been a member of the Royal Family since she married Prince William in a lavish ceremony in April 2011. The couple are proud parents to Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, four, and one-year-old Prince Louis. But as the new month begins, what will September look like for the Duchess? One look to the stars reveals why there could be tension ahead for Kate and William as the mum-of-three puts herself first. Kate was born on 9 January 1982, which means she in a Capricorn in astrology.

Capricorn women are said to be resourceful and very ambitious. According to, her personality also assures that she can be assertive when needs be.

A closer look at the stars revealed what the Duchess’ month could be like and why her and William could experience some tension, as she chooses to put other areas of her life in the background and focus on her career and appearance.

The website reads: “This month you [Capricorn] will focus more on your career and outward appearance. Family and emotional issues will be in the background for now since everything seems okay.”

“The Capricorn sun sign loves succeeding, and that is what you will be planning for your career. This is the month that you are sure to get a promotion due to your diligence and hard work. Other people will greatly influence your career growth since they will enable you to venture into other fields.”

The horoscope reveals that for September, love won’t be a priority for Kate, adding: “This month matters of the heart are not a priority to you. Love will take its course naturally in your marriage or current relationship.”

However while Kate focuses more on herself, the Duchess’s family life with William and their three children will excel this month.

“This month, your family will be at peace. You and your family members will be out in the field helping those families that are in need of basic needs,’ the site said.