Cardi B Was Not Trying To Diss Travis Scott In Twitter Rant About Deserving Her Best Rap Album Grammy – Here’s Why She Did It!

After some of Travis Scott’s fans slammed Cardi B, saying that their idol deserved Best Rap Album at the Grammys instead of her, the female emcee defended herself and as it turns out, she has no regrets. The reason for that is that she never meant to diss the other rapper.

Instead, Cardi just saw her rant on Twitter as a way of defending herself against the haters who argued she did not deserve her award.

As you may know, the controversy started soon after the release of Travis’ Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly, which featured a scene that showed Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend disappointed about the loss.

Now, one source explains that ‘Cardi is not one that will ever rest on sticking up for herself. She is opinionated and that is actually a part of her charm. She wasn’t going after Travis perse but more protecting her brand and protecting herself from the haters. She does not take any BS lightly and she will continue to stick up for herself always and often.’

They added that ‘Cardi will eventually laugh it all off but she was pissed because she felt that her hard work was threatened and Cardi wanted to make sure that everyone knew she was having none if it.’

The female rapper is well known for how outspoken and honest she is, which is why her Twitter rant in response to the hate she got from Travis’ fans was not surprising in the slightest.

Among many other things, she wrote that ‘On my album I showed different sides of me. From the intro talking about my pass. To living my best life and inspiring people. Relationship songs while I was going through my own relationship drama to shaking a*s like Bodak and that A*S. Every song went platinum!’


She also reminded people that she was pregnant while working on the album and went through a lot trying to finish it and film the music videos before she would start showing.

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