Best weight loss: One woman combined these diet plans to lose 8st – what did she eat?

Diet and exercise can greatly impact the number on the scales and should be looked at when trying to lose weight. After going through a huge weight loss transformation, some people will use social media to share their results. The Reddit user, “smallcawfee” posted pictures of her before and after losing a remarkable 7st 12lb onto the site. She explained she used a combination of the keto diet, Calories In Calories Out and intermittent fasting to slim down.

While sharing her diet tips, “smallcawfee” said she was 31-years-old and had dropped from 19st 2lb to a slim 11st 4lb.

Posting on Reddit, she said: “A year and a half of keto, CICO and IF a few times a month.”

The slimmer combined three different diet plans and exercise in order to shape up.

She said: “IF is intermittent fasting, which means you eat all your daily calories between an eight hour time frame. The rest of the time you eat nothing. You can drink water, plain black or green tea, or plain black coffee.

“CICO is calories in versus calories out. So if you eat a 200 calorie snack, you need to be sure to work out hard enough to burn those 200 calories!”

“smallcawfee” explained she takes breaks from intermittent fasting so her weight loss doesn’t stall, but revealed what she does when on the plan.

She posted: “Every few weeks I like to take maybe five days and I do a 16:8 style IF. I feel it boosts my body up a little.

“I wake up, workout and then eat around 7am and I finish eating by 3pm. Then I wont eat again until 7am. I prefer to eat early and stop eating early versus the eating later since I wake up and go to bed early.

“I’m starving when I wake up in the morning. When I’m not eating I drink water, black coffee and green tea.”

As well as following those diet plans, the Reddit user revealed she used the low-carb keto diet plan in order to stay trim.

This includes eating foods low in carbs and high in fats, such as meats, nuts, fish, avocados, oils and vegetables.

As well as following a healthy diet plan, “smallcawfee” makes sure to regularly exercise in order to stay in shape.

She wrote: “I started with walking 30 to 60 mins. Then I added dancing then I added light weights and yoga poses. These days I do a mix of it all.”

Recently, another Reddit user shared how he lost 10st 12lb by following the ketogenic diet plan.

He combined this with intermittent fasting to shift the weight in just six months.