Deepika Padukone PREGNANT? Fans go crazy as THIS picture 'confirms' rumours

Is Bollywood’s golden couple about to start a family? Last week Deepika ignited a frenzy of speculation after she joined a group chat online with her hubby and started it with a cheeky: “Hi daddie.” Suddenly fans have been pouring over the latest images of the stars in London. And one particular image seems to confirm all the rumours of a ‘baby bump.’ Plus, Indian news outlets are reporting that the usually busy and booked-up actress has cleared her upcoming schedule.

Deepika and Ranveer are currently in the UK to film their latest movie ’83. It is based on the heady summer of 1983 when India won its first Cricket World Cup at Lords.

The married superstars have been frequently spotted about tow and happily posing for pictures with fans.

Deepika is known for her glamorous and often figure-hugging wardrobe but has been choosing lots of looser outfits for the current trip. This might fuel speculation but also hides any possible evidence.

Until a certain picture emerged of Deepika in a long dress which skimmed her body and fan comments immediately exploded: “Looks like she is pregnant,” wrote one. “Looks very pregnant,” added another.

Congratulations flooded in across social media with local news and fan sites all speculating whether the picture was the final proof.

There might be one huge problem, however.

As another fan pointed out: “It’s such an old pic, this is from the time of RamLeela. So please stop speculating and assuming that she is prego based on this pic.”

A play of bullets: Ram-Leela was the 2013 Indian Hindi-language tragic romance film starring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

Similarly, it seemed a little unusual that Indian outlets were reporting that Deepika suddenly had no more projects lined up, almost as if she was clearing her schedule for personal reasons.

However, she has three movies all in production at the moment: Chhapaak, inspired by acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal, the cricket drama ’83 and Sapna Didi. After that, the xXx sequel is in pre-production, alongside the highly-anticipated Sapna Didi about a notorious Mumbai crime queen.