Lucy Verasamy: ‘Going downhill’ ITV weather star warns amid ‘record breaking’ Bank Holiday

Lucy Verasamy, 39, looked radiant in a purple ensemble while she delivered the latest weather forecast as she anticipated “baking hot sunshine” for the UK. The Good Morning Britain host wore her brunette tresses in her signature style as she revealed the heatwave will see temperatures rise above 30 degrees. But despite the gorgeous summer weather, Lucy warned it may not stay for much longer as we go further into the week. Speaking to ITV viewers, she said: “It’s been a record-breaking hot bank holiday weekend. No surprises there.

“Temperatures have been soaring the last few days in excess of 33 degrees this afternoon and a similar theme again tomorrow with blazing sunshine and wall to wall blue skies.”

Lucy continued: “Early mist and murk soon gives way tomorrow morning for those up bright and early. So after some hazy sunshine initially we’ve then got this full blown blue skies throughout the day.

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“Baking hot sunshine, strong August sunshine lifting those temperatures once more. Searing heat throughout the afternoon in excess of 32 to 33 degrees again. Nowhere near as muggy and humid as it could feel at this point in the year.”

However the meteorologist said it will not be same for the whole of the UK with north west Scotland receiving cooler temperatures.

Lucy said: “Just feeling a little different through the far north west of Scotland. A little more comfortable let’s say with a bit more of a breeze and little more way of cloud cover as rain lurks close by.

“For the rest of us another perfect summers day, a little on the hot side. Always a touch fresher the coast with the sea breeze.”

She concluded: “And for many of us into Tuesday back to work we keep the sunshine but things go downhill for the west.”

Meanwhile, the ITV favourite took to Twitter yesterday where she showcased a weather map from the Metropolitan desk which confirmed the heatwave which has swept across the UK.

In view of her 161,000 followers, she captioned the post: “A record breaking hot August bank holiday with over 33C this afternoon #bankholiday #heatwave.”

Fans flocked to comment on the post, as one person said: “All down to you Lucy. Thanks!”

Another person commented: “I hope your not at work today and tomorrow, you deserve to enjoy the weekend weather.”