Mark Labbett, 54, responded to a comment from a fan on Twitter and suggested television shows should be using an independent adjudicator. He hit out at those who don’t and said it is better than a television producer “wanting to make good TV”. The person in question wrote: “If you have ever wondered what an independent adjudicator in tv quiz and gameshows does – check out some of the fun stuff on our website – not all shows have an adjudicator. If there isn’t an adjudicator listed on the credits you can’t be sure it’s fair.” In view of his 113,000 followers, Mark replied: “Not all quiz shows in the UK have an independent adjudicator. In my opinion they should.”

This led many people to question the quizmaster on why production companies do not always use independent adjudicators particularly on quiz shows.

A Twitter user quizzed: “I suppose when there is big money at stake, there needs to be someone to arbitrate if there is an element of contention.”

To which Mark replied: “In my opinion, better an independent arbitrator rather than a producer wanting ‘to make good tv’ or worried about their prize budget.”

The Chase is one of the many quiz shows in the UK that currently uses an independent adjudicator who checks the show has been conducted with fairness.

Meanwhile, Mark recently was embroiled in some cheeky banter with none other than former Countdown star Carol Vorderman.

The pair discussed the current groupings of the World Rugby Ranking 2019 with Carol’s hometown of Wales topping the list.

The former Channel 4 star took aim at the quizmaster as she cheekily suggested “it’s always numbers” for The Beast.

A social media user shared a snap of the current rugby team listing with New Zealand in second with 89.40 points, narrowly closing their points behind Wales who held the top spot with 89.43 points.

The Twitter user wrote: “When 0.03 makes all the difference – my school maths teacher would be so proud of me!”

Carol replied: “And so am I,” followed by a laughing face emoji.

Mark then got in on the action and said: “On current form, England (5) have the softest group in France (7) and Argentina (11?)”

The mathematician took a cheeky swipe at The Chaser, saying: “Always numbers with you…”

Mark quipped: “You say that as if it is a bad thing?”

One fan replied to the TV personalities and wrote: “Coming from The Countdown Queen, I’d say that was a HUGE compliment!”

The Welsh beauty was a former mathematician on the Channel 4 show Countdown before she quit the series in 2008 after 26 years on the show.

Carol was replaced by Rachel Riley who has fronted the show since 2009.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.



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