Flights see plane passengers crammed into a rather small space for an extended period of time. It stands to reason that fliers would try to get as comfortable as they can. That said, travellers should always behave within reason when attempting to get cosy. One man was spotted in a pose that has been criticised since a video of his movements went viral on Instagram.

The flier’s actions came under fire after Instagram account passengershaming shared the clip from inside the aircraft cabin. 

The footage shows the man sitting in a plane seat with a wall in front of him rather than another row of seats.

His face is hidden from view but it’s what the lower half of his body is up to that has caused disturbance.

The male flier has decided to rest his feet on the pouch containing the in-flight magazines.

However, he has removed both his socks and shoes so it’s his bare flesh which is pressed up against the publications.

The man appears to have no concern that future passengers on the aircraft may want to read the magazines.

Instagram viewers have been horrified at the way the man is rubbing his bare feet on the reading materials.

The video was captioned by passengershaming: “So I guess I’ll be bringing my own reading materials… and never touch ANY surface on a plane again – so there’s that!”

Followers of the account were quick to share their thoughts as the clip racked up well over 100,000 views.

“What is wrong with these people? Were they raised by wolves?!” one Instagram user wrote.

Another commented: “Do people on planes think they are invisible, at home or somehow common decency is tossed out the window because they are on a plane. Gross!!”

A third shared their upset at the way the man was behaving: “Noooo! I flip through those magazines,” they posted.

One reader added: “My husband used to laugh when I brought out my pack of Clorox wipes to scrub down my seat area. Now he knows why!!!”

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is one such flier who is also keen to clean everything in her vicinity when she travels. 

The 49-year-old uploaded a video of her travel routine to her YouTube channel showing her donning a pair of latex gloves and wielding a pack of Dettol antibacterial wipes.

Campbell proceeds to clean absolutely everything around her business class seat on the Qatar Airlines flight.

“You clean anything you could possibly touch,” she tells the camera. “Anything you can put your hands on.”



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