Today saw the show cook only meat-free dishes as Sunday Brunch presenters Simon Rimmer and Tim joked they were the “first” show to ever do so.

As the pair went on to cook a dish alongside Slaves members Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman on the Channel 4 show, they took the opportunity to jibe at rival breakfast cooking programme Saturday Kitchen and Matt.

Simon suggested that they would be seeing a vegan edition of Saturday Kitchen air in a few weeks following on from the Sunday Brunch instalment.

“Any meat in this, Simon?” Tim asked his co-host as they prepared to cook the dish.

“No Tim, because it’s completely meat-free today,” Simon explained. “We’re the first show on British television to have a completely meat-free show ever.”

He went on: “We’re leading where kind of the rest of the nation’s cookery shows will follow.

“Saturday Kitchen take note, we’ll see your vegan show in a couple of weeks time.”

Addressing the Saturday Kitchen presenter through the camera Simon continued: “Morning, Matt.”

Tim jested: “Looks like there’s a bit of beef between Simon and Matt, doesn’t it?”

“Tebbutt!” Simon said as he shook his fist at the camera.

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“I used the word beef, I’m sorry. It’s a vegan show, I apologise.” Tim humorously remarked.

Later on in the segment, Laurie asked Tim how he cracked eggs as he wasn’t sure of the correct way to do so.

Tim laughed: “I bet Matt Tebbutt’s really nervous about us now, cracking eggs on the show.”

Elsewhere, Saturday Kitchen caused confusion for some viewers yesterday.

While the Saturday morning fixture is usually broadcast live, a pre-recorded episode aired on Saturday.

This meant viewers couldn’t vote to give the special celebrity guest Beverley Knight her food heaven or food hell.

One posted: “#SaturdayKitchen Not live this week, so presumably they’ve had time to edit out all of the c**k ups”

“#saturdaykitchen hahahaha! They admitted it!” another surprised fan exclaimed.

“Here we go another *definitely not* live #saturdaykitchen,” a third wrote.

Sunday Brunch airs Sundays at 9.30am on Channel 4. Saturday Kitchen airs Saturdays at 10am on BBC One.



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