Rachel Riley: Countdown host announces adorable ‘new addition to the family' on show

Rachel Riley, 33, gushed about some sweet new family members on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown this week as she revealed her brother has taken in two kittens. The star, who is expecting her first baby with husband Pasha Kovalev, 39, announced the arrival of the pets when host Jimmy Carr, 46, quizzed her about them on the Channel 4 programme. The comedian turned to his co-star and said: “Rachel, I believe you’ve welcomed some new additions to the Riley family. What have you got?” “My brother has got kittens, so I’ve now got kitten nephews,” the mathematics expert replied, as she beamed with delight.

A photo of the tiny duo then flashed up on the screen, which showed them cuddling each other on a bed.

Sharing further details, Rachel added: “The one on the right, the ginger one, is called Egg and the one on the left is called RuPaul.”

The presenter’s revelation about the kittens’ names quickly prompted giggles from the studio audience.

However, panelist Sean Lock, 56, changed the tone when he asked Rachel to picture the little cats preying on birds.

The funny man said: “Just wait until you see them eating a bird’s head.”

Rachel shook her head in shock as she exclaimed: “I don’t like that.”

“And I’ve got something now where it keeps track of all of them [passwords] and you have to enter your thumb fingerprint every single time you want to put a password in because the worst thing is if someone nicks your phone while you’re on it and it’s unlocked already.

“Then they’ve got absolutely everything on you already.”

Rachel went on to inform the Countdown host if his phone was stolen, then the thief would gain access to all of his “naked shots”.

The Channel 4 favourite said: “They can get all your bank details and your address, your credit cards. Absolutely everything. Danger. They’ll have all of your naked shots.”

Nick jokingly replied: “You’ve broken me out into a sweat of terror now, Rachel.”

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown continues Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

source: express.co.uk