Flights with Ryanair and easyJet can prove a nightmare for travellers keen to cut down on costs. Hand luggage-only travel is getting increasingly trickier as budget airline cut down on how much you are allowed to take into the cabin for free. Never have cunning holiday packing techniques been needed more. It’s important to really only take the stuff you’ll need  – and there’s a simple way to fine-tune the process

Rebecca Jackson, Marketing Manager at Perfect Stays, has shared her advice on packing for short breaks.

She has explained how to avoid packing the items you simply do not need – and the trick is to lay everything out first and assess.

“Regardless of your destination and how you’re getting there, first create a checklist of everything you think you need,” said Jackson

“Grab these items and lay them out in front of you. This will allow you to ‘see’ everything and encourage sensible decisions, avoiding unnecessary items being packed.

“If there’s anything you feel would be a ‘nice extra’, push these to the side and favour the essentials first.

“Writing the items down also helps to ensure you’ve packed everything for your return journey and haven’t left anything important behind.”

There are also tricks to how actually pack your belongings in your luggage. Jackson advises using packing cubes.

“Familiarise yourself with packing cubes, which are every traveller’s dream gadget, especially if you’re using a carry-on case,” she said.

“Often available in sets of three to four cubes, they create more space and help you segment clothing.”

It’s also helpful to place your clothes in the bag in a space-saving and wrinkle-preventing way – by rolling them.

“Unleash your inner Marie Kondo and roll your clothes before putting them into your case,” advised Jackson.“It’s another great space-saving trick and stops your clothes from getting creased, so there’s no need to iron while away.

“It’s important to remember luggage restrictions if you’re travelling by plane. Some airlines only allow one bag per passenger unless you’ve paid extra, so make sure you check the restrictions before arriving at the airport to avoid problems further down the line.”

Remember to be savvy when it comes to packing liquids, too. “Buy travel-sized products where possible,” recommended Jackson.

“If your favourite products aren’t available in smaller sizes, you can buy handy travel pots from your local pharmacy and transfer a small amount into them, so you don’t have to skimp on your beauty routine.

“Remember, you can buy most everyday toiletries and beauty products when you arrive at your destination too, especially when you’re flying within the UK.”

The breakdown of luggage allowance for all major airlines, including Ryanair and easyJet can be found here. 

 Ryanair passengers who do not have priority boarding will only be able to bring one small cabin bag on board free of charge.

Those who are travelling solely with hand baggage on easyJet are permitted one cabin bag each with no weight limit. 



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