Ten Things You Never Knew About The Benefits Of Writing

Do you keep a journal where you jot down your thoughts every day? If not, you should consider starting now. Most people envision writers as individuals who’re cooked up indoors with their backs hunched over a desk. But writing is so much more than that.

Besides, due to technological advancements, keeping a journal does not mean you must have a book and a pen. You can easily download an application on your mobile device, which allows you to write down your thoughts throughout the day. Technology also enables you to access services like WriteMyPaper123 that help you complete your essay assignment on time.

Experts say that clear writing reflects clear thinking. Many professional writers know how to articulate their thoughts because you can only write what’s on your mind. Writing allows you to organize your ideas because you cannot jot down muddled up thoughts. Stick around to find out why you should make writing a habit.

  1. Increase Retention For Information

There is a lot of talk about cultivating a reading culture, but people forget that writing is just as important. Your brain remembers everything you write down. There is no use in reading books when you don’t remember half of the information therein.

A person who reads and writes learns more than another one who reads a lot of books without writing anything down. Your short-term memory is totally different from your long-term memory. You can easily forget the information your short-term memory is holding.

However, your long-term memory is keeping information indefinitely. You can only achieve knowledge assimilation and consolidation when you write down what you’ve read in your own words.

  1. Eliminate Stress

Most of the time, people feel overwhelmed about their thoughts because they let them boil over without letting them out. Specialists advise that you talk about what’s bothering you, so it doesn’t escalate from worry to stress. However, talking about your thoughts can be difficult sometimes. It could be because you have no one you completely trust, or you’re not the who opens up to people easily.

Consider writing down your thoughts and read them out loud, as though you’re having a conversation with yourself. This exercise empties your mind and saves you from unnecessary thoughts. When you have too many thoughts going through your mind, you overwork the brain, which may result in migraines.

  1. Increase Productivity

As a student, writing down short notes as you study increases your productivity. Even when you’re studying in a quiet environment, you can easily be distracted if you don’t keep your hands busy. Writing down what you’ve learned after each chapter keeps you motivated to keep studying.

When you write, the neurons in your brain get active, and this way, your mind gets ready to handle the task at hand. That is why writing in the morning is the perfect warm-up. Outlining what you want to accomplish for the day sets your mind to achieve your goals. The same way you exercise your mind in the gym, you should exercise your brain through writing.

  1. Discover Your Potential

Have you heard writers say that they let their imagination guide the pen? The most amazing stories ever written were never thought out. The best authors allow their imagination to run wild. Writing helps you achieve self-awareness. You’ll never know your potential unless you put pen to paper. The brain is like a universe on its own, waiting to be discovered.

Sometimes, it’s good to escape reality for a while and find out how far your imagination can go. People come about the best ideas by letting loose and following their thoughts. You can only keep track of what you think if you write it down. Authors carry notebooks wherever they go because you never know when beautiful ideas will come to you.

  1. Increase Self Awareness

Sometimes people point out things about you that you would have never discovered on your own. After all, everyone is on a journey to self-awareness. Writing about your thoughts and feelings lets you discover who you really are. Life tends to go by so fast that people forget to take time and reflect.

Who you were yesterday is not the same person you are today. Your experiences mold you as the days go by, and writing keeps you in check. Without self-reflection, you can easily turn into someone you don’t recognize. Such a tragedy, right? Not being in a position to recognize your reflection in the mirror.

  1. Make Better Decisions

As a rule, people rush into decisions that they come to regret later in life. Regret is not a strange feeling, but it’d do you good to avoid it as much as you can. Analyzing the situation before you conclude ensures you make the best choice based on the circumstances.

As human beings, we’re always making decisions about one thing or another. Writing down your options and weighing them against each other helps you choose the right path to tread.

  1. Overcome Life’s Challenges

Everyone has gone through the tough times at least once in their lives. It usually feels like a dark cloud hanging over your head. Overcoming life’s challenges can seem impossible when you have nothing to look forward to. But no challenge is so big that it could cause you to disappear from the face of the Earth. Writing will help you make sense of the situation, so your troubles don’t feel too big to overcome.

  1. Preserve Beautiful Memories

I know you must be wondering why you’d write about moments when you can easily take a photo. Well, there is no doubt that photos do an excellent job at preserving memories, but so do words. In fact, writing about beautiful moments gives you more context than photos ever will.

  1. Lead A Focused Life

Writing not only organizes your thoughts but your life as well. Clearly outlining your goals and objectives puts you in a better position to achieve them. Writing about your goals means you are intentional about achieving them.

  1. Lead a Happier Life

When you free your mind of negative thoughts by writing them down, you lead a happier life. After all, your thoughts determine your mood and ultimately, how happy you can get.

Final Thought

Writing is a cathartic exercise that everyone should try. Even if you’re not a professional writer, jotting down your thoughts helps you clear your mind.