Kate Quilton, 35, has returned to host the second season of Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special, which aims to provide a home for displaced animals in shelters across the country. The presenter is joining co-hosts Noel Fitzpatrick, 51, and Steve Jones, 42, on the Channel 4 programme and gushed about how she “absolutely loves” working with the “lovely chaps”. However, Kate also exclusively admitted to Express.co.uk she can feel like a “gooseberry” behind-the-scenes as Noel and Steve share an epic “bromance”. The star explained: “The thing about making a live show every day of the week is you get to know people really quickly and I absolutely love working with Steve and Noel. 

“Sometimes I do slightly feel like I’m the gooseberry getting in the way of their bromance because Noel’s eyes do light up when Steve enters the room and vice versa in a lovely way but we are friends and we’ve seen each other outside of work and they’re both lovely chaps.”

Addressing their roles on the programme, Kate praised the Irish veterinary surgeon for his expertise with animals and credited Steve for his experience in live television.

She added: “Obviously Noel knows everything there is to know about animals and then Steve is the daddy and absolute master of live television, he’s been at it for 20 years, so it’s a treat to work with him.”

Kate also opened up about the most rewarding moments she has experienced while hosting the show.

The TV personality said: “I would say this show is a really special project. I’ve never worked on anything quite like it. 

“The joy you feel on set and the joy with the animals is really quite extraordinary and it’s an amazing feeling to go to work where, at the end of the show, we find out within minutes that say, for example, there’s a dog that’s been in a shelter for a whole year and it’s just been unlucky or hasn’t found the right mum and dad.

“Then you find out a few minutes after going off air that 25 people have been on the phone and he’s going to have six visits the next day. 

“You just feel like you’re making a difference to these animals’ lives and the families who give them their home.”

This year’s series of Animal Rescue Live is also asking viewers for donations to help support the incredible work shelters do every single day.

Addressing the worthy cause, Kate explained: “We are asking people to volunteer and dig deep to donate to help these shelters. 

“The thing which a lot of people don’t think about is the real cost of keeping these shelters going and they’re all just charities. 

“When you go and adopt a dog from a shelter most places ask you to donate £90 or £100 when you take a dog home, but the real cost is taking the dog in and keeping it up with all of its jabs and if it needs to be neutered it’s around £800 so there’s a huge deficit there.

“So, if people can just donate a fiver or a tenner it really is going to go to an excellent cause.”

Elsewhere, Kate Quilton revealed whether she would consider taking part in Strictly Come Dancing.

Opening up about the dance competition, the Dispatches host spilled: “I have never really danced properly in my life.

“I dance ridiculously around my flat with my baby but never have I ever danced any choreographed steps so not sure how good I’d be!”

Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special airs at 8pm every night from Monday 12 to Friday 16 August on Channel 4.  

source: express.co.uk


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