Chris Ames, deputy editor of Transport Network website and Highways magazine, accused Dan of “Labour bashing” on BBC breakfast. He said: “Classic Labour bashing dragging a non issue about Scotland into an interview about education. “The contradiction you based your repeated questions on is a figment of your own intellectual inadequacy.” Dan was uncharacteristically befuddled in his reply.

He said: “Struggling to understand this tweet. The words you’re using are too long and are confusing my simple brain.”

Mr Ames then gave Dan a lesson in Scottish politics.

He explained that: “Labour set up the Scottish Parliament to give Scotland a degree of control over its affairs.

“It follows that Westminster doesn’t overrule Holyrood every time it disagrees with it, it’s really not difficult.”

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Dan soon dropped his disingenuous tone and let rip at Mr Ames.

His reply read: “Chris. I really don’t mind you disagreeing with me or even thinking I’m rubbish at my job. I don’t get the insults. You’re a journalist. You’re better than that.”

The presenter is no stranger to Twitter debates.

On Monday, Dan showed off what he described as the “incredibly snazzy” new BBC studios.

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He was presenting Match of the Day at the time.

He gave a walk through of the sophisticated green screen technology.

At one point he teased viewers by holding up a green sheet, making his entire body invisible.

Some Twitter users were not impressed by the flash new set up.

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One was particularly direct in his disapproval of Dan.

He said: “License fee will be going up then!”

He snapped back and replied: “Smaller studio and we are sharing it with other shows to keep the costs down.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.



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