It is not uncommon for pregnant women to suffer from insomnia. The period of pregnancy is the most delicate period of a woman’s life. The pregnant woman experiences a lot of body mass and hormonal changes.

The raging hormones and growing bump of the pregnant woman, more often than not, makes it difficult for her to find a position comfortable enough for sleep. The factors behind a pregnant woman’s sleepless nights is not only limited to her growing belly.

In some cases, nausea has been known to be the reason expecting mothers find it difficult to sleep during the first trimester. Heartburn, leg cramps, back pain, constipation and of course, the frequent night visits to the bathroom during the later stages of the pregnancy disrupt a peaceful night’s rest.

Also, you cannot eliminate the mental factors that may be associated with insomnia. There are reports of anxiety and stress for women who are expecting for the first time as well.

And to think the general perception is that sleepless nights begin with the newborn’s wails after pregnancy!

We may joke about the new sleeping patterns of pregnant women now that a new life is growing right in their belly. However, it is important to note that the role sleep plays on the health of the mother and the child. Research says poor sleep increases the risk of preterm labor and delivery in pregnant women.  Also, a link has been established between the increased risk of a long and painful labor and poor sleep during the closing stages of pregnancy.

Now, these stats are not to scare pregnant women because there are solutions. One of these solutions is choosing a comfortable mattress.

If you ask, ‘which is the best mattress in pregnancy?’, you may not get a definite answer from this article and you can also visit “ Best Mattress for Pregnant Women by”. However, this article will reveal how pregnant women can choose the most comfortable mattress.

What to Consider in selecting the most comfortable mattress for Pregnant Women


This is top priority! The firmness is the first thing you should consider when you want to purchase a pregnancy mattress. Even when choosing a normal mattress, firmness is the first thing you want to consider. This emphasizes the importance of a firm mattress for expecting mothers.

Shy away from soft mattresses because they do not support your back well enough. Also, shy away from mattresses that are too firm, because your belly is growing.

Another reason the firmness of your bed is top priority is because you would be waking up a lot (to pee) during pregnancy. This trend would not stop even after the baby is born. It would be easier for you to get in and out of a firm bed than one that completely swallows you.

The Needs of your Partner

The issue of compromise carries a lot of weight during pregnancy in a lot of aspects, including the choice of mattress. Well, the man would be the one doing most of the ‘compromising’.

However, your partner’s needs is a major factor you have to consider before purchasing a pregnancy mattress. The fact that you are sharing it makes it necessary to find one that works for both of you.

Try looking at mattress options that have adjustable settings for each side so that, you and your partner can sleep in comfort.

After-Pregnancy Use

You should also consider the fact that you will not be pregnant forever. Mattresses can be expensive investments and it might not be wise to buy one only for the duration of your pregnancy.

So, it is important that you select a mattress that you can keep using even after you have had your baby.


The period of pregnancy is a period when a lot of things change in a woman including her sleeping patterns. Good sleep is important for the health of you, the baby, and your partner (if you know what I mean). Therefore, it is important to choose the right kind of mattress for this period.


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