The Great Hack is a disturbing and thought-provoking documentary analysing the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018. Cambridge Analytica took information from Facebook users without their consent as part of a data-mining expedition. The Netflix documentary gives an overview into how the breach occurred as well as speaking to some figures involved in the controversy including former Cambridge Analytica employee Brittany Kaiser.

What is Brittany Kaiser’s net worth?

Kaiser was born into a wealthy family and grew up in the affluent suburb of Lincoln Park on the North Side of Chicago.

Her father worked within real estate development and her mother worked for Enron prior to its downfall.

She attended the exclusive boarding school Phillips Academy Andover in Boston and went on to study at the University of Edinburgh and Middlesex University as well as in Hong Kong.

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Kaiser was the one who successfully pitched Cambridge Analytica’s services to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team in 2015.

She worked as a business development director for Cambridge Analytica between 2017 and 2018.

Prior to this, Kasier was the director of program development for the firm between 2014 and 2018.

Cambridge Analytica seized its operations in 2018 after the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The scandal erupted as a result of a few publications in the media proving that Cambridge Analytica managed to collect the personal information of millions of Facebook users without their consent and used this data to target political advertisement. The scandal cost Facebook more than $100 billion of market capitalization at the time. It also caused a public debate on how social media, online services including academic writing websites, and other businesses use personal information of their clients. Just two months later, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented aiming to give control to individuals over their personal data.

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Before her employment with Cambridge Analytica, she served as an intern for both the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns.

In the documentary, she reveals she started working for Cambridge Analytica in 2014 after her family fell into financial difficulty.

Without going into too much detail, it’s suggested the catastrophic financial crash of 2007 and the subprime mortgage crisis was part of the reason for the problems.

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Kaiser said the family lost their home in 2014 and her father, who was the primary breadwinner, fell sick.

She said all of this led to a huge financial pressure with Kaiser trying to earn and support the family.

The ex-Cambridge Analytica employee is now lifting the lid on the company and has launched a campaign called #OwnYourData in which she equates personal data to humans rights.

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She has launched a petition directed at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calling on him to give users their data back and ensure privacy.

In her petition, she says: “It’s time for us to own our own data. This is a human right. We should be able to decide freely how our data is used (and how it is not); stop anyone using using it to try and manipulate us; take it with us if we leave the platform; And to get paid for the value our data generates.

“To decentralize power and drive accountability, we’re demanding that Facebook update its terms of service, and grant all its users these simple and fundamental data and property rights immediately.”

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In 2018 she co-founded the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA) after launching the organisation in February 2018.

According to Dreshare, Kasier is thought to be worth an estimated £2.6 million ($2million).

The site goes on to state that she is believed to earn monthly between an estimated £124,000 to £165,000 ($150,000 to $200,000) for the work she does for different firms and sources of income.

The Great Hack is available to watch on Netflix now





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