Shaquille O’Neal’s Ex, Shaunie, Blames ‘Praying And Cussin Nanny’ For Her Daughter’s Mimi O’Neal’s Wild Viral Dancing Video

Shaunie O’Neal has delighted her fans with a sweet and hilarious video that features her daughter, Mimi O’Neal.

The Basketball Wives star, via social media, dropped the clip where Shaquille O’Neal’s daughter is having the time of her life. Mimi dances around and swings her long hair as gospel music plays on the background.

Mama Shaunie also took the opportunity to reveal this about Mimi’s wholesome fun: “She had “a praying & cussin nanny. 😂”

One fan said: “See what happen when you got a praying nanny!” Shaunie responded by: “You mean a praying & cussin nanny.😂”

Another supporter wrote: “Omg she just made me had flashbacks to my childhood riding with Dear🤣. Go on, Lil Mary! 😂😂😂She is so beautiful 👑 your doing a great job with these Kings and Queens ❤️ #momgoals.”

Shaunie recently showed some love to her son, Shareef O’Neal. The 19-year-old boy recently decided to express his admiration for his mother by getting her face tattooed on his arm.

It did not take long for Shaunie herself to respond, exclaiming that she was simply speechless by this display of affection.

Shareef already had a range of tattoos on his body, and this was nothing new to him. Some were wondering when he might get something to celebrate his mother or father.

And it looks like he has chosen an approach that his parents approve of very much.

The tattoo was reportedly done by Steve Weibe, a tattoo artist from Canada. Many have described it as a fantastic piece, and it is clear that the boy knew where to go if he wanted to get the job done right.

Shareef has been through a lot, and it is good to see that he is holding up so well. It has not been one year since his dramatic heart surgery, which had both of his parents quite worried.

He pulled through the ordeal like a champion though and has made a full recovery ever since.

And now, it looks like he is determined to show the world how much he cares for his mother and admires her presence in his life.


And it looks like the feelings are mutual, judging by the responses he has received from his parents so far.

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